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Carb Overload!

30 Sep

I just got home from work and immediately headed into the kitchen with the Husband to make lunch.  I had some walnuts and a protein shake at work in between clients to tide me over until I got home.




Since I ate a lot of carbs yesterday, I set my mind to eating mostly fruits and vegetables today.  I like to keep everything in balance.  So far, its not happening.  The Husband suggested we eat the left over spaghetti from last night for lunch with a pita for dipping in the tomato sauce.  I gave in, and while he reheated the pasta, I whipped up my favorite appetizer, the broiled pita (brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with crushed red pepper, fresh ground black pepper, minced garlic and parmesan!



Spinach Fettuccini with Garlic Meat Sauce (organic grass-fed beef from a local ranch, you could use ground turkey, tofu or just leave out the meat) topped with fresh parmesan reggiano.


All together now!


After this big lunch, I doubt I will be very hungry for dinner.  Remember, everything in moderation!  This weekend will be filled with lean protein, salads and fruit to make up for my carb heavy Wednesday and Thursday!  : )

What is your favorite kind of pasta?  Do you have a favorite pasta sauce recipe?


Back and Bicep Workout

30 Sep

I just got home from the gym and drank my hot lemon water as well as a cup of black coffee.  Pb toast is on its way!  I will also have my flax, chia and cranberry drink before I head out the door to work!  : )


This morning at the gym, I had a great workout.  Here is what I did today:

20 minutes running intervals (running at 8.0-8.6 and walking at 4.0)

Then I moved on to my strength training.  Today was back and bicep day.  My back workout was good, but I will admit, I hate lifting my biceps and didn’t put my whole heart into lifting them.  I already feel bad, because I am so motivated to look the best I can when we go to Mexico in 5 weeks.  I think at work today or when I get home from work I am going to spend an additional 10 minutes working them to make sure they will be sore tomorrow.   : )

Here is exactly what I did for my strength today.  All exercises we 3 – 4 sets.


  • Straight Bar Pull Down on Cable Machine- 70lbs (10-15 reps)
  • Straight Bar Row on Cable Machine- 70lbs (10-15 reps)
  • One Arm Rows on Bench- 15lb dumbbell (10-15 reps)
  • Back Extension- 10lb weight plate (15 reps)
  • Lat Pull Down- 65lbs (10 reps)


  • Seated Curls- 10lbs (15 reps)
  • Standing Alt. Curls- 10lbs (15 reps)
  • Reverse Curls- 5lbs (15 reps) *only 2 sets
  • Hammer Curls- 10lbs (15 reps) *only 2 sets
  • Cable Curls- 30 & 40lbs (10 reps) * only 2 sets

I ran out of time, so I had to rush a few exercises, that’s the reason I was only able to get in a few sets of the last three. 

I did wear my new love:  Polar Heart Rate Monitor and this is what I found out about my workout:

  • Time:  1:00:04
  • Calories:  523 (30% fat)
  • Max Heart Rate:  197 (102%)
  • Average Heart Rate:  161  (83%)

I was hoping to get my average heart rate up higher than 83%, but this is just added motivation for my next strength workout.

Does anyone else run intervals, if so do you like them and have you noticed a change in your body or running performances?

That’s it for now, I need to get to work!  I have a crazy busy morning today!