My Love for Exercise and New Workout Plan

27 Sep

I love working out! Strength training, running, pilates, yoga, hiking, you name it and I probably love it.  There is no other way to recreate the feeling you have once a great workout is over.  Keith and I try and workout first thing in the morning- which is typically around 5:30am.  We like to get up and pound it out right away.  It sets a great mood for the entire day.  I find I make healthy food choices, sleep better and have better mental clarity throughout the day when I workout first thing in the morning.  I have tried working out in the middle of the day and even at the end of the day, but find there are too many distractions preventing me to workout.  Keith and I have three Snap Fitness gyms in and around Prescott, Arizona.  Running three gyms consumes most of our time and I’m also a personal trainer.

Keith and I got married about a month ago and are going on our honeymoon to Mexico in November.  Since I want to be looking the best I can, I created a new Mexico training program  that I will follow up until we leave for our trip.  I  wanted to share it below with you.  I will post my eating plan in another post soon.

My Mexico training program will be a 6 day plan

Day 1– 60 Minutes of Cardio –> I like to get at least 60 minutes to keep up my endurance.  I’m a runner.

Day 2– 20 Minutes of Intervals + Legs and Shoulders

Day 3– 60 Minutes of Cardio

Day 4– 20 Minutes of Intervals + Back and Biceps

Day 5– 60 Minutes of Cardio

Day 6– 20 Minutes of Cardio + Chest and Triceps

In addition to the 6 day plan, I will be doing pilates, yoga and core at home probably 3-4 days a week.  I have some videos that I really like to do.

I am going to try and focus a little more on strength training then I normally do to try and get added definition.  I am coming off 2 days of strength and 5 days of cardio which I followed about a month before our wedding up until now.  I was trying to lose a few pounds to fit into my dress and that plan did the trick.  I probably wont be lifting heavy, I don’t want to add any muscle, so I will be sticking around 10-15 reps for strength.  If you are interested in knowing what specific exercises I will be doing, let me know and I can post them.  I will also try and get some pictures of my before Mexico up on here as well.

I think it is important to switch up workout plans.  Since I do most of my workouts in a gym and I tend to get bored doing the same thing over and over.  Every two months I like to come up with a new workout program to keep things fresh. 

Here is a picture of our first gym- we opened it almost 3 years ago.


Here a a few past Mexico pictures!

2008- Ready for a pasta dinner!


2009- Shooting a game of pool.  I’m not a great player 


Going to dinner to get fajitas!


Last day in Mexico- I am so sad that the trip is almost over!



3 Responses to “My Love for Exercise and New Workout Plan”

  1. bree September 28, 2010 at 10:52 pm #


    I am really enjoying your blog, just found it today! Your posts are great and really helpful. I would LOVE for you to post your exercises – I am getting married in a year and want to tone up! I am not overweight but of course I definitely want to drop a few pounds to look my best. I don’t know what to do to get the best results. I love the gym, cardio, weight training and am a yoga instructor! but i need definition! I would love your help 🙂 as a recent bride I feel you know what I’m looking for! Tighten up the upperbody – wearing a gorgeous strapless dress and squeeze in the waist! bikini on honneymoons right??? hehe

    keep up the blog – its really a great read!

    • Balanced Healthy Life September 29, 2010 at 1:55 am #

      Hey Bree,

      Thanks for the comments. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I will type a more detailed post on what specific exercises I am doing starting tomorrow. I hope that will help you with your wedding goals! : ) What are you currently doing for a fitness plan?

  2. J.Lynn January 26, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    OMG, both dresses are hottt 🙂

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