Leftovers and Breakfast

28 Sep

Last night we just used all of our leftovers for dinner to create a new stir fry.  We had left over chicken from yesterday’s lunch and leftover stir fry from Saturday.  I ended up cutting up the chicken and adding it to the stir fry.  It was a quick healthy dinner and we didn’t end up wasting food!  I hate throwing away food especially when its organic meats and vegetables, they are too expensive to end up in the garbage! 




After dinner I was still feeling motivated so I decided to wash and cut up a stalk of celery and three bell peppers we have had in the fridge for a few days.  I think its easier to eat vegetables when they are already washed and pre-cut.


Now I have a great low calorie snack for work tomorrow that is ready to go.


This morning I had an amazing workout.  I will blog more on it later, so when I got back from the gym I was starving.  I had my usually, PB on Ezekiel and my flaxseed/chia seed drink as well.



I have a busy morning at work and these foods will get me through it!  Now I need to finish getting ready before I am late!  : )


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