Work and Early Morning Work Out

28 Sep

I can’t believe its already 1pm.  Today has been crazy busy!  I got to work and basically trained up until right now.  I did however sneak in a snack before my last client at noon.

I had a small granny smith apple with a handful of  almonds.  I like to eat a little protein when I am having carbs.


I ate the apple to quickly to snap a shot!

For Lunch I am having a protein shake- chocolate with sliced bell peppers.  Once I get to work for the day, I usually don’t have time to go anywhere to get lunch.  I always bring my own cooler/lunch bag filled with healthy eats.  Today my lunch bag had the following in it: 1 small granny smith apple, raw almonds, cut up bell peppers (a little over 1 whole one) and whey protein powder.

Looks like confetti in a bowl!  Tastes good too!  I love how sweet red bell peppers are!  : ) 


Since I am having vegetables, I need a protein as well, so the easiest way to bring protein to work is by just bringing a protein shake. 


This morning I had a great workout!  I am on day 2 which is 20 minutes of running intervals plus legs and shoulders.  As I type this, my shoulders and legs are still hurting!  I have a heart rate monitor but never use it (I thought it was too confusing), but today decided to give it a try.  I wanted to make sure I was keeping my heart rate up high enough during my strength workout.  Here is what I learned from my heart rate monitor, my new obsession- I learned I worked out for one hour and six minutes (1:06:19).  I burned 573 calories.  My highest heart rate reached 192 (193 is my max heart rate).  My average heart rate was 162 which is roughly 84% of my max heart rate. 

Having this information is motivating because I want to try and increase my average heart rate to at least 170bmp during my next strength workout.  I was surprised I got my heart rate up to 192.  I had about 5-6 minutes of intervals to finish running, when it spiked this high.  Without the heart rate monitor I would have never know this information and it is motivating me to add more cardio bursts to my own strength workouts.  I ended up doing 100 jumping jacks, 100 butt kicks and 100 high knee raises to keep my heart rate from dropping. 

Do you use a heart rate monitor, if so what brand.  What is your favorite part about using one?


One Response to “Work and Early Morning Work Out”

  1. bree September 28, 2010 at 10:59 pm #

    what protein powder do you like?
    thanks for the recommendations on your blog – i like the kirland pb too!!

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