Just Another Wednesday at Work

29 Sep

Just a quick post on my day so far….nothing exciting.

I got to work and cleaned really hard.  Then I had a snack:  granny smith apple and raw almonds!  I then started working on paystubs for our trainers (since the 1st is on Friday) and ate a turkey wrap that Keith brought me.  Keith was bouncing around to all the gyms today and brought me a delicious wrap.  It was filled with turkey, tomato, red onion, spinach, cream cheese and I think Swiss cheese.  The wrap had a little too much cheese in parts, but overall filled me up.  I really wasn’t in the mood for a chocolate whey protein shake for lunch and was happy that Keith dropped by bearing goodies!

I had already taken a few bites by the time I grabbed the camera.  I just couldn’t wait!  : )


I also munched on green bell peppers!  So crunchy!


The rest of the day at work should go quickly.  I train in ab0ut 30 minutes then will probably pack up and get out of here around 3:30pm.  I would love to sneak in a quick cat nap when I get home, but somehow that never happens!

How is your day going so far?  Anything exciting happening today?  Did anyone else watch Glee last night?  If you did what did you think of the Britney episode?


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