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Weekend Update

3 Oct

Hey guys!  My in-laws came into town yesterday and we have been busy! 

Saturday morning Keith and I went to the gym to workout and clean.  Before we left to workout I had peaches and PB toast.



I also drank a coconut water.  I love these!


At the gym, the Husband and I ran 20 minutes of intervals.  I really pushed myself and was happy when they were over.  I lifted my chest and triceps and am so sore this morning!  I will post the exercises I did and also what my heart rate monitor told me about my workout in another post.  After we were done we were starving and headed over to our local organic restaurant The Raven!  I love this place so much!  We ordered a Ruben and  a Turkey Melt to split with sweet potato fries!  Once the food came I realized I didn’t have the camera!  : (  I need to start remembering it more and I am going to try to post more on the weekends as well.  While we were out I bought 2 little pumpkins.

We are using them as a centerpieces right now:


Back at home we finished cleaning, doing laundry and ran to the grocery store to pick up wine and shrimp for dinner!

At about 6pm, the in-laws arrived- they drove to Arizona all the way from Montana- they were delivering our wedding gifts we got in Minnesota and also bringing us an elliptical machine.  We can’t wait to start doing cardio at home! 

Some of the boxes they unloaded:


While the Husband and his Dad unloaded, me and my mother-in-law opened a bottle of wine! 


Keith and I cooked dinner, we made Shrimp Scampi and served the shrimp with whole wheat and sour dough baguettes for dipping.  Once again I forgot to take a picture of it.  : (  I will get better, I promise!  It was such a beautiful meal.  It was getting late and we were all getting tired.

Murphy (the in-laws golden) was the most tired:


This morning we woke up to a hyper Murphy!  He is so much fun to have at our house.  Having him here for a visit makes me want our puppy now, and not in January!

Murphy smiling for the camera!


We don’t have any plans yet for the day, but I think the Husbands aunt might drive in and we will probably spend a big portion of the day watching NFL Football!  Yay! : ) 

What are you doing on this Sunday?  Do you have any pet?  What is your favorite animal?