Meat Free, Monday Night… and Football

5 Oct

Just a quick update on evening!

Hey guys! 

I wanted to post something short on dinner.  Tonight, we were all feeling pretty full from lunch still and just wanted something light (I had a house salad with artichoke pizza for lunch, it was amazing!)  So, we decided to make a quick and healthy salad to tide us over until the morning.  The Husband’s parents hadn’t had our Apple and Gorgonzola salad yet so we decided to make it.  You can find this recipe under the recipe tab.  I highly suggest trying it.  We kept it simple and didn’t add any meat / tofu. 

Chopped Granny Smith Apples


Spring Mix, Chopped Red Onion and Walnuts


Add the Granny Smith Apples to the Mix


Finally Add the Gorgonzola


Beautiful Green Vegetables!


Top it off with your favorite salad dressing


I am obsessed with this one right now.  Yum!


Eat and Enjoy!


While we were all enjoying our salads, Murphy kept a watchful eye on the storm and critters out back.



Today I realized I went totally meat free.  I usually have about one serving of meat a day, typically with dinner.  I usually stick with organic free range chicken breast, wild salmon, tilapia, shrimp or grass-fed free range 95% fat free ground beef.  I am a big protein and vegetables for dinner kind of girl, but surprisingly didn’t miss the meat at all today.  I am now contemplating going meat free once a week for ethical reasons and reducing my carbon footprint

Are you a vegan or vegetarian?  If not, do you go meat free on days during the week?  What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?   


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