Thunderstorms and Tuesday

5 Oct

Last night was a rough one.  The night was filled with rain, thunder, lightening and one sleepless gal…so not fun!  When the alarm went off at 4:50am, I was praying the Husband was going to say he didn’t sleep well either and that we should sleep in!  No such luck.  Once we got to the gym, I had an awesome run on the treadmill.   Here is the information on my workout from the heart rate monitor:

  • Time:  1:00:14
  • Distance:  5.6 miles
  • Calories:  565 (25%fat)
  • Max Heart Rate:  192 (99% max)
  • Average Heart Rate:  168 (87% max)

About a week ago I posted a blog on running while wearing a heart rate monitor for the first time.  I was concerned that my heart rate reached197, which is 4bpm over my calculated max (220-27=193).  I did some research and ended up emailing a fitness expert.  He told me that your max heart rate can actually be + or – 15bpm of what the calculation determines.  I never knew that.  So today I went in and gave it my all and my heart rate was lower today then last week.  I am now thinking I had a salty meal the night before, had a few glasses of the wine the night before both factors that can increase you heart rate.  

I have to mention that while I was running on the treadmill, I watched a lightening show outside (it was still pitch black out) and it made the run especially delightful!  It was a really unique experience!  : )

Today for breakfast I’m having PB toast (surprise, surprise!) and a cup of black coffee.  Before work, I will drink the flaxseed, chia seed and cranberry concoction.  My lunchbox will be packed with walnuts and protein powder.  I am having a short work day since the in-laws are still in town.  This is why my lunchbox is pretty empty today.   

Now onto other things: Morning Meditation

Motivation for the Day:  Mexican Vacation in 1 Month

Three Things I am Thankful for Today:  1.  In-Laws are still in town  2.  Its a rainy day filled with thunderstorms (very rare for Arizona) 3.  Having Amazing Friends!


Goal for the Day:   Take a few minutes to deep breath at least 10 good breaths!  : )

Motivational Quote of the day: The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up.  Mark Twain

What are you thankful for today?




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