Craving Some Soup

8 Oct

After all the cleaning that went on today, I was hungry for dinner and I wanted something hearty.  The Husband and I were originally going to have a salad, but as the cool fall air was circulating throughout the house, we decided on soup.  I have been craving roasted vegetable soup for days.  It’s funny, a week ago, Arizona was in the 90s and for the past few days we have been in the 70’s and all we can talk about is how cold we are, how we need to break out our warmer clothes and now how we need soup to warm us up.  The Hus and I are from Minnesota, 70’s should not even faze us.  After I rummaged around in the pantry and fridge we decided to make some hearty semi-homemade chicken noodle soup.  Here is what I did:

But first, our snacks while the soup was cooking.  We had a little leftover salmon from a couple night ago and heated it up in a pan.  I then cut the salmon into bit size pieces and added toothpicks.  This was a great little appetizer while we waited on dinner.  I also love the fact we didn’t end up throwing the salmon away and ate it!  We had been throwing a lot of food away until we started spending more time planning out our meals.  By doing this we have not only saved money, but have reduced our carbon footprint by not being wasteful!


Okay, so lets get on with the soup.  I started boiling 2 pans with water (one for pasta and the other for broth). 


Once the water started boiling in the smaller sauce pan, I added about 1/3 of a box of whole wheat pasta.


While I was waiting for the soup water and stock to boil I cut 1 1/2 stalks of celery, 1 large red onion, 2 chicken breasts and 1 bunch of green onions.  I also put a frozen block of spinach in the microwave for 7 minutes.





Once the water and stock was boiling I added in a started soup mix I found in the pantry.  I wrote down all the spices that were used in it, and next time I make chicken noodle soup I will probably just make my own seasoning mixture (its more healthy and has way less salt not using a soup starter kit , but we had it on hand so I used it). 


The soup mix called for 8 cups of water.  I used approximately 14 cups and 1 box of stock (I love broth plus I was trying to dilute the sodium from the starter kit).

I also added in all the delicious vegetables.  Look at all that spinach!  I really love adding spinach and red onion to soups, they both give the soup great flavor.



Once it simmered for 10 minutes and cooled for another 10 minutes, the soup was ready to eat.  I did add in extra onion powder, fresh ground black pepper and just a pinch of sea salt.  The Hus and I couldn’t wait to eat it.  The aroma the soup was giving off in our house was amazing.  It still smells so great!  : )



We filled our soup cups up to the rims!  Then the Hus and I sprinkled the fresh chopped green onions on top for a slight crunch! 




The soup was simply amazing!  There are tons of leftovers and I am sure we will be eating it all weekend! 

I wasn’t going to have a glass of wine today, but after I had a busy day at work, cleaned the house, cooked some soup and felt chilly, the Hus and I each had a glass of red with our soup.  Remember, everything in moderation!


*One thing I like to do when eating soup is drink a lot of water with it and after I am done with it.  Since most soups have high sodium, its essential to drink water, fresh squeezed lemon mixed with water is even better, to make sure your body isn’t bloated in the morning.  I am highly sodium sensitive so I am always chugging water.  No one wants to wake up feeling bloated, I know I sure don’t!

What is your favorite kind of soup?  Do you have any amazing soup recipes you love?  Do you have any tips for making soup or any vegetables you love to include?


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