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Yahtzee and Pizza Dinner

17 Oct

Yesterday was such a fun day.  As you know, we started the day out by doing a 2 mile fun walk in the morning.  It was a lot of fun and we ended up going up hill for the first mile and then coming back down for the second mile.  My legs were so sore from Friday’s workout and walking really helped my legs loosen up!  : )

The Husband and my Mom


Since it was a fundraiser for one of the firemen, they had fire trucks everywhere


Walking- Keith, Me and my Mom




I found an Anderson street sign!  Yay!  (Anderson was my maiden name)


We saw some fall decor


and a really weird and unique blue house


We ended back at the Firehouse Kitchen where they had these painted fire hydrants!


The fun walk was a success, so we decided to head over to the Raven Cafe for some good organic breakfast!


We were surprised we were the only people on the patio.  It was sunny and 66!





I ordered a Veggie Bowl with dry wheat toast


It had zucchini, avocado, asparagus, mushrooms, onion, chives, tomatoes, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, yellow zucchini and potatoes on the bottom.


Keith had a burrito and my Mom went with a tomato and egg sandwich.  After breakfast we were all feeling lazy and came back home.  I ordered a new pair of running shoes from Lady Foot Locker and can’t wait until they arrive!  I ordered a pair of Asics.  I’ve never had that brand before, I’ve always been a New Balance girl, but decided to try something different.  After that, the Husband and I decided to head out on a few errands, while my Mom finished reading the gossip magazines.  We stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond so I could pick up a pack of Pumpkin Spice K Cups!  They are so good!  I highly recommend them if you have a Keurig!

For dinner, we decided on pizza (I know, I know ,could our eating get any worse this week?  This is where everything in moderation comes into play.)!  With our pizza I made sure we had a huge green salad.  I like to fill up on veggies and salad before I have pizza! 

My Mom and me chopping away!  : )




We ordered two pizzas (we have a ridiculous amount of left over pizza in our fridge right now- which the Husband already said he’s eating for breakfast)

We ordered a pesto, sundried tomato and pine nut pizza (my fav.)


and one with spinach and meat for the Husband!


We had one happy Birthday Boy with this meal (pizza and a good football game on TV, plus his birthday is next Wednesday)!  : )



After dinner, we decided to play one of my favorite games- Yahtzee!  We played 4 games and my Mom was the 2 game winner!


I started the game off strong!


While we played Yahtzee, we enjoyed some vino!  I had red.


and then played the cork game (my Mom rocks at that game)!


This morning I wanted something light for breakfast and went with a Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt.  Yum!  We are planning on going for an hour run in a little bit to get some cardio in for the day, before football comes on!


What are you favorite things to do on a Sunday?  What’s your favorite pizza toppings?  What is your favorite board game to play?