Lottery Ticket Failure

20 Oct

Hey guys!  I apologize for the lack of posting today.  Today has been nuts getting ready for the Husband’s birthday tomorrow!  I can’t tell you what I’ve been up too, just incase the Husband checks the blog, although he has only look at it twice, both at my urging!  : )

What I can share with you about today are pics of breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

So lets being,

Breakfast was PB toast and cantaloupe


 SAM_0914 SAM_0913

Lunch was a protein cookie and a strawberry Chobani yogurt (weird lunch I know, but I was in a rush!)!


Dinner was at Firehouse Kitchen.  We shared an order of calamari and I had a Chef’s Salad- it had avocado, cheddar and Swiss cheese (which I only ate a small amount), roasted turkey, turkey bacon, tomato and egg.  I ate about 1/2 the salad, it was huge.  I ordered Balsamic dressing, but didn’t end up using any.  The flavors of the salad was enough, I didn’t need any more!   : )







When we got home, my Mom had a birthday surprise for Keith!




Lottery Tickets!  Wahoo!  We love scratch offs!  : )

Tulip update:  5 days later and still beautiful!


Okay, so back to scratch offs…

We played 3 cards and not even 1 was a winner….   : (


and then magically one more card appeared, this was it!  This was going to be the “big” winner!



….not even close!


Until next time lotto tix!

Do you play scratch offs or the lottery?  We typically don’t, only every now and then we buy a scratch! 


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