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Workouts Until Mexico

21 Oct

Here are my workouts until Mexico!  I normally wouldn’t workout this much, but since I need to squeeze into a little bikini, I need to amp up my workouts!

  • 10/22-  AM-  20 Minutes Intervals and Strength (circuits)  + PM-  Abs
  • 10/23-  60 Minute Run
  • 10/24-  AM-  20 Minutes Intervals and Strength (circuits)  + PM- Pilate
  • 10/25-  Rest Day- 90 Minute Hot Yoga (Barkan) + Abs
  • 10/26-  60 Minute Cardio+ PM Pilates
  • 10/27-  AM-  20 Minutes Intervals and Strength (circuits)
  • 10/28-  60 Minute Run + PM Abs
  • 10/29-  AM-  20 Minutes Intervals and Strength (circuits)  + PM-  Pilates
  • 10/30-  60 Minute Cardio
  • 10/31-  AM-  20 Minutes Intervals and Strength (circuits)  + PM-  Abs
  • 11/1-  Rest Day- 90 Minute Hot Yoga (Barkan)
  • 11/2-  60 Minute Run + PM Pilates
  • 11/3-  AM-  20 Minutes Intervals and Strength (circuits)
  • 11/4-  60 Minute Cardio + PM Abs
  • 11/5-  AM-  20 Minutes Intervals and Strength (circuits)  + PM-  Pilates
  • 11/6-  60 Minute Run + Abs

My daily meals will look something like this:

Breakfast–   Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread with organic peanut butter (peanuts and salt only!) with 1 cup of black coffee.  Also, 1-2tbsp flaxseeds and 1-2 tbsp chia seeds mixed with about 8oz water mixed with pure cranberry juice



Flax and chia seed mixture!


AM Snack–  Organic apple (or an organic piece of fruit) with a handful of either raw almonds or raw walnuts


Lunch–  Protein shake (I usually drink chocolate whey)

PM Snack– As much organic celery and organic hummus as I want, plus whole wheat crackers


Dinner–  A good piece of wild caught salmon with black pepper, parsley and lemon on it plus a monster salad and any type of dressing I think looks good

A little blur action!  : )



In addition, if I feel hungry during the day I might snack on more fruit, veggies, nuts, or whey protein as I feel is needed.  I also drink about 2-3 liter of water mixed with pure cranberry juice and plain water during the day.  This is what works for my body.  I am also taking in enough calories to propel me through my daily workouts without leaving me tired.  The weekends are a little bit more relaxed with what I like to eat.  Please consult with a doctor and RD before trying any new exercise program or meal plan. 


What do your typical meals look like?  Are there certain foods that work with your body to make it lean?  I think eating this way makes my body feel the most energized and I sleep better at night too!  All the healthy fats, protein and vegetables make my hair, skin and nails grow like weeds and glow! 

Lunch today was a protein shake (powder + water).  I didn’t get a pic of it.  Before lunch I snacked on walnuts and drank my flax/chia seeds drink before I left for work.


Just the Two of Us

21 Oct

This morning my Mom is flying back to Minnesota.  I always get sad when company leaves and am always waiting for them to come back out to visit!  I love having company and think time goes by too quickly when they are here.  Its back to just the Husband and I

This mornings workout was just light cardio- it’s my non-running day to give my hips and knees a rest.  I did each of the following for 15 minutes:  Arc Trainer, Upright Bike and Treadmill (I walked at an incline of 12-15% at the speed of 4.2).  I was planning on doing another 15 minutes of the stair climber but the Husband and a friend finished their strength workout early.  Here are my workout stats from this AM:

  • Time:  0:49:57
  • Calories:  439 (35% fat)
  • Max Heart Rate:  179bpm (93% max)
  • Average Heart Rate:  161bpm (83% max)

When we got back from the gym I couldn’t wait for pumpkin spice coffee!  I think I drank the whole cup without even thinking about it.  I am already excited for tomorrow morning when I get another cup!  : )


Morning Meditation

Motivation for the Day:  Mexico- 16 days! 

Three Things I am Thankful for Today:  1-Rain (Arizona needs rain)  2-I think our elliptical plug is coming in the mail today so we can start doing some extra cardio before Mexico at home!  3-  Its a short day at work which will go by quickly because I have so much to get done!

Goal for the Day:  Pilates this afternoon and a huge salad for dinner!  Yum

Motivational Quote of the Day:  Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. -Thomas Jefferson

Breakfast today is a banana and a piece of Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread and PB!  : )


This afternoon I will post my Mexico Workout Countdown on how I’ll use the next 16 days to get a bikini body I am confident of.  I will also post my meal plan I will stick with most of the time up until Mexico that delivers maximum results while still fueling my body thru tough workout!

Is anyone trying to get fit for a certain vacation or event coming up?  If so what are you doing to get to your results?