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Crunch Time

5 Nov

Here is a quick recap of yesterday: 

  • Woke up at 4:50 went to the gym.  At the gym I ran for 45 minutes
  • Came home.  Breakfast was hot lemon water, coffee and PB  toast
  • Went to work until 1pm.
  • Eats at work-  organic gala apple, handful of almonds, Lara Bar
  • Ran errands after work- Costco and Target
  • PM snacks at home- whey protein shake and shrimp cocktail
  • Went back to work until about 5:30pm.  We had a leak in the ceiling.
  • Came home made dinner.  Gorgonzola Salad with chicken breast.  Huge.
  • Started packing until 8pm when The Office came on. 
  • Watched The Office
  • Went to bed. 

This morning I went to the gym did 20 minutes intervals, weights plus 10 minutes of running. 

Came home and had hot lemon water, coffee and 2 organic brown eggs with a slice of Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread.

I start work at 8am to train a client, then have a 10:30am hair appointment. 


Morning Meditation

Motivation of the Day:  2 days to lose 1.6 lbs (my goal weight for Mexico)

Three Things I am Thankful for Today:  1-  My client Marnie who brought me in three great fun books to bring on vacation  2-  Friday!  Need I say more.  3-  My job for allowing me to take the next two weeks off!

Goals for the Day:  Fit in another quick mini workout today to raise my metabolism for a second time!  By doing this, it will help me reach my Mexico goals!

Motivational Quote of the Day:  Don’t think, just do.  -Unknown  (I always use this, I don’t know if someone has been quoted saying it, but I love it!)

What are your weekend plans?  What day of the weekend do you like best?  I personally LOVE Fridays!