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Big News

24 Nov

I have a big announcement to make!  While in Mexico, the Husband and I became parents!  That’s right, we are the proud parents of this little fellow, Quincy.  He was born on Saturday November 13 and is about a week and a half old.  He is an Australian Shepherd. 

Meet Quincy…

First picture only hours after being born.  We saw that face and had to have him!


1/2 a week old


Happy he didn’t get his tail docked.  I swear he is already smiling!  : )


Week and 1/2 old



I grew up with a dog and cat, but haven’t had any animals in years.  So, getting Quincy is a big deal for me!  We get to visit him on the ranch at 4 weeks, which will be sometime around December 11th, and then pick him up to take him home at 7 weeks- New Years!  : )

Does anyone have any good puppy advice?  Any good training techniques you swear by?  Any recommendations on natural puppy food?