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Thanksgiving Cooking

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!  The Husband and I popped out of bed this morning and headed to Starbucks to get Gingerbread Lattes!  YUM!  : )  We also had to head to the grocery store to buy newspapers for the Black Friday coupons and some foil. 

Coupon mess on the couch- I love looking at the deals!


Today the Husband and I are going to cook for the first time ever!  We are going to make a turkey, green bean casserole and stuffing!  I am so excited and can’t wait!  We started prepping last night by cutting up our bread for the stuffing!  I can’t wait to keep you guys updated!

Here is a look in our fridge this morning, the only things in there right now are for Thanksgiving and a few random things!  Top row- mimosa fixings, and milk.  Next is bread, next row is eggs (for stuffing) and lettuce (incase we make a green salad with the meal) and below that is some oil.  Not shown is our vegetable keeper filled with onions, celery and carrots.


Homemade breadcrumbs


Thanksgiving is taking over our kitchen and I couldn’t love it any more!  : )



Table setting.  I like to pretend I am Martha Stewart mixed with a little Sandra Lee!  Yes, there really is 4 glasses per setting- red wine, champagne flute, water goblet and coffee, I am just that dorky! 



I want to make a dessert as well, but don’t have much ingredients to work with , so we will see what happens with that!  I am off to explore the pantry and see what I can come up with! 

What are you cooking today?