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Holiday Weekend

27 Nov

Good morning everyone!  How was everyone’s black Friday?  The Husband and I had a very lazy day yesterday.  We didn’t even get out of bed until around 7:30am, which is pretty unheard of for us.  After the usually morning routine (coffee, email, breakfast), I went back to bed and got addicted to the show Jerseylicious.  I am a little embarrassed to admit this.  I think I watched 4-5 episodes throughout the day. 


I did take a break however, to do a little Black Friday shopping around noon.  I bought Quincy (the new puppy) some Christmas treats at Petco. 


I also ordered him this pet stocking from Pottery Barn with him name monogrammed on it!  So adorbs, and I can’t wait to get it!  : )

  Faux-Sheepskin Pet Stocking, Ivory Cuff with Bells

The rest of the day was filled with cleaning and putting up more Christmas decorations.  I can’t wait until we get our real tree!  I love the smell a real tree brings into the house!  : )  I did finish putting up our fake tree in the bedroom!  I love it!


Breakfast today was the usually, Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread with organic natural peanut butter.  The Husband and I need to head out to clean the gyms, and then we are heading to the Peavine Trail to do some outdoor running!  I love this trail so much and only run on it in the winter, when all the snakes are hibernating!  It truly is a breathtakingly beautiful trail!  If for any reason you find yourself in Prescott, AZ, I highly recommend a run on this trail!  : )

Here are some pictures from my birthday workout in 2008 on the Peavine.






What are you doing to stay fit this holiday weekend?