Holiday Weekend

27 Nov

Good morning everyone!  How was everyone’s black Friday?  The Husband and I had a very lazy day yesterday.  We didn’t even get out of bed until around 7:30am, which is pretty unheard of for us.  After the usually morning routine (coffee, email, breakfast), I went back to bed and got addicted to the show Jerseylicious.  I am a little embarrassed to admit this.  I think I watched 4-5 episodes throughout the day. 


I did take a break however, to do a little Black Friday shopping around noon.  I bought Quincy (the new puppy) some Christmas treats at Petco. 


I also ordered him this pet stocking from Pottery Barn with him name monogrammed on it!  So adorbs, and I can’t wait to get it!  : )

  Faux-Sheepskin Pet Stocking, Ivory Cuff with Bells

The rest of the day was filled with cleaning and putting up more Christmas decorations.  I can’t wait until we get our real tree!  I love the smell a real tree brings into the house!  : )  I did finish putting up our fake tree in the bedroom!  I love it!


Breakfast today was the usually, Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread with organic natural peanut butter.  The Husband and I need to head out to clean the gyms, and then we are heading to the Peavine Trail to do some outdoor running!  I love this trail so much and only run on it in the winter, when all the snakes are hibernating!  It truly is a breathtakingly beautiful trail!  If for any reason you find yourself in Prescott, AZ, I highly recommend a run on this trail!  : )

Here are some pictures from my birthday workout in 2008 on the Peavine.






What are you doing to stay fit this holiday weekend?


3 Responses to “Holiday Weekend”

  1. thefitacademic November 27, 2010 at 11:27 pm #

    Those pictures look incredible! Inspires me to want to go on a hike soon before it gets too cold here! I live in Tucson so the terrain looks pretty similar.

    • Balanced Healthy Life November 28, 2010 at 8:24 am #

      I love hiking and think AZ has some of the best hiking around! Everything is so pretty and so different depending on where you are! : )

  2. jsutera654 November 28, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    LOVE the pics of your hiking trail, gorgeous! And don’t feel bad on the lazy day – that’s exactly what I”m doing today on my rest day, very fitting since it just so happens to be Sunday, too. 😉 I did manage some good workouts in between the eating, the 5-miler on turkey day, as you know, a killer STS legs workout on Friday and an awesome new workout from Cathe Friedrich on Saturday. I’m totally sore and worn out and really enjoying my rest day so far. Too bad tomorrow is Monday and back to reality, huh?

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