Mexico- Part One

30 Nov

The Husband and I took a two week vacation to Mexico and had such a blast.  The two weeks flew by super fast, and I miss Puerto Vallarta so much already!  I swear its my home away from home!

First, I would like to post my opinions on the safety of taking a vacation to Mexico.  I have been traveling to Mexico for the past 15 years, taking most of my vacations to Puerto Vallarta.  This past trip, I didn’t notice any change in crime, safety, concerns or anything unusual that would make a person not want to travel there.  I understand there are parts of Mexico with safety issues, but I believe those to be mostly along the border.  The Husband and I were cautious, we didn’t get drunk and out of control (I did get tipsy a few times out and about), when we went downtown, we had preplanned our destinations, we took taxi cabs everywhere, we only carried enough pesos to get us what we wanted and we didn’t wear our wedding rings or any nice jewelry.  There were a lot of tourists down there and still the same Mexican workers who have worked at the same places for years and who we have known for years!  I felt completely comfortable the whole time we were there and never had any moments where I felt like we might be in danger.  I don’t think I would drive across the border to a Mexico vacation spot, but that is just my opinion.  The Husband and I live in Arizona and we chose to fly directly into Puerto Vallarta, and I think as long as you are flying directly into your destination in Mexico, you have nothing to worry about.  I will make a note that we have friends with homes in Rocky Point, Mexico and have traveled there by car many times without any problems.  Bottom line, I think the media is making a bigger deal out of tourist towns being dangerous, while most of the violence happens along the border and in the inner cities of Mexico.  That is just my opinion though!

Now onto the fun part, the trip!

We arrived at the Phoenix airport on a Sunday morning at 8:15am, we had a 10am flight.  We got into a very packed and crowed line.  I had never seen such a line for international flights (we learned they merged both domestic and international that day).  After waiting a really long time, we were able to check in and were told we couldn’t make our flight since we were not 60 minutes early, we only checked in 50 minutes early.  Not a great way to start a vacation!  The didn’t have any other flights with 2 empty seats available until the next day (which I wasn’t willing to do), so I went ahead and took the 10am flight, while the Husband had to get rebooked on the 2pm flight with our baggage.  Once I landed in Puerto Vallarta, I had a text from the Husband saying he went standby on the 11:30am flight!  Wahooo!!!  I was so relieved!  Once I cleared security and customs, I found a bar and ordered a skinny girl margarita while waiting for H to land!  No joke, about 15 minutes later I had another text saying he had landed!  15 minutes later, the lovers were reunited!!!!   : )

Don’t mind if I do, a paper and skinny girl margarita!


Once we check into the hotel, we found champagne waiting for us!  Perfect!  After all the anxiety I had from flying (I think I might be the worst flyer ever, I loath it), I really could use a 2nd drink at that point!


We check out our gorgeous view while sipping our champagne!



For dinner, we headed to our favorite Puerto Vallarta restaurant- Fajita Bananas.  This was our table for the trip, I think we sat here at least 6 times!


Pretty marina view with dinner





They make the best fajitas EVER!!!!  They add in mushrooms and jicama!  So good!  I literally crave their fajitas all year long, I try to replicate them, but mine never turn out as good as theirs!

The next day we ate breakfast at the resort, our favorite breakfast spot on the ocean and headed to the pool for a day of sun!


Please excuse my deodorant showing!


I had egg whites, queso and whole wheat toast.


The Husband had Machaca!


For dinner, we headed back over to the marina and had an Italian dinner.


White wine




I had chicken fettuccini and the Husband had seafood pasta.  This is the only, and I mean only place I allow myself to indulge in chicken fettuccini.  It is the best I have ever had, and if I get it anywhere else, I will be disappointed.  I’ll try to remember the name of the restaurant and post it here once I do.

After a bottle of wine, the Husband and I were feeling good!


I had a dance party in the elevator with my flowers!  : )


The next day, we did our usual breakfast and laid out at the pool!

I had my very favorite breakfast- Strawberry and banana crepes!  They are simply amazabells!!!  Notice I remembered to take a pic after the meal was half gone!  : )


After being lazy at the pool all day, we walked into the marina for an appetizer and cocktail!

My photo shoot at Chappy!  : ) 

SAM_1501 SAM_1502 SAM_1508 SAM_1509

We decided on the Melted Cheese with Chorizo for a appetizer and let me tell you, it was soooo good!


They serve the cheese with flour tortillas!  So great!  The Husband was happy too!


After we ate, my all time fav, Mariachis appeared!  I am totally obsessed!  They didn’t come cheap, but it was worth it!  I guess they sang us a Mexican birthday song, because after they left, everyone kept tell us “Happy Birthday”




I think there we 10 band members total!  So cool!  After the mariachis were done, we called it a night and walked back to our hotel!

The next evening, we went to Los Muertos beach in old town to watch the sunset and then ended up back at Fajita Bananas in the marina for dinner!  All pics are from the Los Muertos Beach.





Once at Fajita Bananas we split a molcajete meal with steak.


It was fun to try, but it holds nothing compared with their fajitas!


The next morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise!



We played in the pool…


Ate lunch at Tacos and Beer

SAM_1591 SAM_1592 SAM_1594

and really enjoyed their chips and salsa (one of my weaknesses)


On our way back to the pool, I almost stepped on this fellow…


Later that night, we found ourselves back in the marina at Fajita Bananas!


The following day, the Husband won BINGO at the pool!  Yay!  : )


For dinner we headed to Mongolian BBQ night at the resort!  It was so good!

This is our buddy Yoshi!


There was fruit


There was soup


Mongolian BBQ



And of course dessert!


Our bowls being cooked!


Can you tell from our faces we loved this meal?


Yum!  : )


Saturday, we laid out at the pool, did some laundry and watched the sunset from the room!






For dinner we went to the marina again and ate at Victors!





That concludes the first week on vacation, we had too much sun, too much bad food, too many cocktails and way too much fun!  I’ll post Mexico Part Two soon! 


5 Responses to “Mexico- Part One”

  1. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun November 30, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    How FUN!!! I want a margarita. And I love that top/dress you are wearing in the picture with you dining and the beach in the background. White with a pink design. It’s a really pretty color combo on you. 🙂

  2. thefitacademic November 30, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    Looks amazing! I just got back from a trip to Mexico, too (but to Acapulco). Loved the warm weather!!! And now all my co-workers are jealous of my tan ; )

    • Balanced Healthy Life November 30, 2010 at 3:08 pm #

      haha! I feel like my tan is already fading away so quickly! I want it back! : )

  3. Jess December 1, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    Looks like you had a beautiful time:) Enjoying seeing the pictures!

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