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Busy Thursday

2 Dec

I am so happy it is Friday tomorrow!  Today was filled with work, house duties, getting tricked at the doctor which left me upset, grocery shopping, hot tea run (yum) and laundry.  It was a busy day, but I am happy with all I got done!

Here are my eats of the day-

Breakfast, I had the typical- a cup of black coffee and peanut butter toast on Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread.

AM Snack was an organic granny smith apple with lots of raw almonds.

Lunch was a tortilla with 2 eggs and cheese topped with hot sauce (we were really out of groceries) and a few dark chocolate blueberry balls.

I think this might be the most unappetizing food picture I have posted on the blog to date…..sorry!


PM Snack (post grocery shop) was a handful of chips and fresh new salsa.

Dinner was going to be Asian salad, but the Husband said he really wasn’t hungry so we each had a small bowl of soup instead with a few forks of chicken on the side.  We enjoyed our tea along with the soup.

I love this soup, the Husband only thought it was so-so


I added in freshly ground black pepper and also crushed red peppers to give it a little kick



There was one really awesome thing that happened today.  We got Quincy’s (the puppy we don’t get until January 1st) Pottery Barn Christmas stocking delivered today!  YAY!  The Husband liked it, but said “He has a nicer stocking then we do,” which is true.  It is so cute, if you have pets I highly recommend this pet stocking.  It is so fluffy and soft.  As the Husband said, “The first thing I thought when you opened it (the stocking) up was how much it reminds me of him and I don’t even know him.”  My Husband has a soft spot for dog, awww!  : )



All together now


Speaking of Quincy, here is an updated picture of the little fellow!  I can’t believe how proud of him I already am!  I just love showing his picture to anyone that will look and listen!  Can you imagine what I will become once I have kids?

Quincy- 2 1/2 weeks



Question:  What were the highlights of your day?  Do you love your pets like they are your real children?  Do you splurge on anything for your pets?


Happy Birthday Britney

2 Dec

I am going off memory on this one, so please don’t hate me if I am wrong, but I woke up this morning singing “Hit me baby one more time,” followed by “happy birthday to Britney!”  Yes, you are reading this post correctly, I am singing to Britney Spears!  I want to say it is her 29th birthday today (still totally going of memory)…I think I will forgo the Christmas station on Pandora and listen to Britney this morning! 



Happy Birthday Britney, thank you for getting me through countless hours of cardio and always coming out with new songs with catchy lyrics and fun beats for me to sing along to!  : )

Question:  Who are your favorite singers?  Do you like Britney Spears?

My favorite singers are John Mayer, Michael Buble and Britney Spears.


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