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New Quincy Pictures and Dinner

16 Dec

New pictures of our puppy that I needed to share!  He is 4 weeks old and will be 5 on Saturday!


43 42

44  45

47  49

Tonight has been busy packaging up presents for our families who live in Minnesota and Montana.  I heard tomorrow is the last day to send Christmas presents out if you want them to get where they need to get in time for Christmas.  We had to run to Target and pick up a few more packaging boxes. 

Dinner was yet again quick and easy.  We had leftover Beef and Barley Soup, so good and had a large spring mix and spinach salad with gorgonzola, chopped red bell peppers, red onion and shredded carrots.  It hit the spot.  We were thinking of maybe having leftover pizza from lunch for dinner, but when we opened our to-go box, there was a big hair in the box with the pizza.  Buzz kill, needless to say, we threw out over half our pizza (I’m sure my body is happy).  : (

Large salad.


I love salad and soup meals.


So warm and comforting


I couldn’t finish all my soup and I think I know why.  One word:  Peppermint Bark (okay, maybe two)!  I snacked on it all afternoon. 

After dinner we were craving something refreshing, so I made San Pellegrino waters with fresh squeezed lemon.  So tangy and bubbly!  If you don’t know what San Pellegrino is, it is basically a carbonated water.  We buy it in bulk packs at Costco.



We use a lot of fresh squeezed lemon in our house and this little guy is the best lemon squeezer I have found.  We found it at Williams Sonoma.  You get so much more juice form this one.  I wanted to share it with you guys, because it would make a great stocking stuffer or gift to your citrus loving family and friends!  : )  


Question:  What is your favorite small kitchen gadget?



CPR/AED, Shoes and Lunch

16 Dec

So this morning the Husband and I headed into our CPR/AED class.  It actually was the best CPR/AED class I’ve went too.  The class was through the Prescott Fire Fighters.  They let the H and I plus our trainers take the class for free, since we let the firefighters use our gyms.  Thanks Prescott firefighters!  I must admit, I was dreading the class a little bit, but before I knew it, the class was over and I now am certified for the next two year!  Wahoo! 

My make-out partner for the class


My baby for the class! 


They ran out of dummies, so they asked if the husband and I could share.  No problem.  Sharing the dummies wasn’t the best part of class but this was.


Two different pairs of shoes!  The one on the left is my running shoe, and the one on the right is my old running shoe I still wear out and about, but not while running.

We were discussing the symptoms of heart attacks when I noticed….lets just say, I had a very inappropriate laughing attack.  I just couldn’t stop.  I’ve never put two different pairs of shoes on my feet and not noticed!  It totally made my morning though!  I tried telling the H, but he didn’t seem to notice they were different.  Finally when he noticed, he started laughing too, so hard.  Thank goodness we were in the back of the classroom. 

After the class, we headed to one of our favorite restaurants we haven’t been too in many months, Bin 239.  We had planned to go to The Raven for lunch, but couldn’t find parking and since it was raining we decided to go to Bin.  Bin 239 is a really cool wine bar with great salads and pizza. 



We decided to each get a cup of Cream of Broccoli soup and order a Black and Bleu pizza to share.

I ate my soup too quickly to remember to take a pic.  I was freezing and it hit the spot, I practically licked the bowl clean!


Pizza- the crust is really thin, just the way I like it


After a cup of soup and one slice of pizza, I was full.  I drank a green monster for my AM snack during our class, so I wasn’t starving.  We took over 1/2 the pizza home and I’m sure it will be gone before I know it.

Question:  Have you ever worn 2 different pairs of shoes and not noticed?  Or have done something similar?