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Wednesday Workout of the Week

22 Dec

Good morning!  I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!  Before I know it, Christmas will be here!  Yay!  Here is the workout of the week.  I know I get really antsy around the holidays and created this Super Circuit workout to make my time in the gym fly by!  This workout hits all your major muscle groups (legs, core- back and abs, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps) as well as gives you plenty of cardio.  You can up the 30 second cardio bursts to one minute and also do them after every 2-3 strength exercises if you want.  In an hour you should be able to get through the Super Circuit  2-3 times.  You’ll be amazed by how quick the workout goes and also how your heartbeat will be stay elevated the whole time. 

*Remember to check with you doctor before starting a new workout program*

Warm Up: 1 mile run( or walk) on treadmill (cardio)

1. Pull Ups on Assisted Machine (back and biceps)

2. Wide Grip Lat Pull (back and biceps)

3. Close Grip Reverse Lat Pull (back and biceps)

4. Plank (shoulders, core, triceps)

30 Seconds Mountain Climbers

5. Straight Arm Plank (shoulders, core, triceps)

6. Stair Climber (cardio)

7. Leg Press -> Calf Presses (glutes, quads, hamstrings & calves)

8. Bicep Curls (biceps)

30 Seconds Butt Kicks

9. Lateral and Frontal Raises (shoulders- side and front)

10. Ceiling Punches (shoulders- back)

11. Triceps Pull Down with Rope (triceps)

12. Push Ups (chest, triceps, shoulders)

30 Seconds High Knee Raises

13. Lunges (1 legged) (glutes, quads, hamstrings, core, ankles, balance)

14. Plie Squats (inner thigh, glutes, hips)

15. Squats on Smith (quads, glutes, hamstrings, lower back)


This morning, I went into the gym and did strength for a good 50 minutes.  Breakfast was peanut butter toast with coffee (a little too much), and a flaxseed and chia seed drink.

Eats from yesterday were pb toast and coffee for breakfast, a bean and cheese burrito from Costco’s frozen food section for lunch topped with spicy salsa, and left over Moo Shu chicken for dinner (while watching Elf)!   PM snack was a broiled Ezekiel pita and hummus, my favorite. 


I wasn’t feeling that great yesterday.  I woke up with a hurting right side of my back.  Totally weird I know.  Because I wasn’t feeling awesome yesterday, I went to bed by 8 and was up in the gym by 6am. 

Question:  What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie to watch?