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23 Dec

Yesterday was a CRAZY day!  I woke up, had a great strength workout, went into work for a bit, came home and scrubbed down the house (it took hours), then put my brave face on and went to Costco, the organic grocery store and Safeway (for vino).  When I got home, I noticed our New Year’s cards had come in the mail so while the Husband played PS3, I labeled, addressed and sealed our holiday cards.  BTW- I can’t wait to post what they look like on here next week.  They are the coolest holiday cards ever! 

We found this fun deal at Costco.  I love Baileys and Hot Coco or Coffee on Christmas morning.  It came with two cute mugs as well!


I had to cover them up with the envelopes


Next up was Monopoly.  I hadn’t played this game in years.  In fact I didn’t even know we owned it.  We played one game (I lost) and I had so much fun.  I can’t wait to play again today!

We forgot how to play and actually had to read the directions.  I also enjoyed a glass of red wine with the game!


Notice how broke I was?  I owed the H 700+ and only had about 22 bucks left so I had to go bankrupt.


After the game, we enjoyed cheese and crackers for dinner to complement our wine.  We barely put a dent in all the cheese.  We thought it was an okay dinner, we wished we would have bought a few other things to go with the meal.  You only can eat a certain number of cheese and crackers before you are craving something else.


The baked Brie was our favorite


We liked the wheat crackers the best!


Needless to say, we have a lot of leftover cheese to somehow use up.

Question:  What is your favorite type of cheese? 


Holiday House

23 Dec

Since Christmas is only 2 days away, I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas decorations we have up in our house.  Warning:  I like to think I’m Martha Stewart when it comes to holiday decorating!  : )





SAM_2881 SAM_2880

Christmas Tree in the Family Room (BTW the bottom row of lights went bad, so now the bottom of our tree is lightless)



Entryway Tree’s all Decorated


Gift Wrapping “Room”


I Swapped Some Pillows Around to Make Sure Each Room Had Both Red and Green!  Dorky is my middle name!


Wrapping Station- I love having everything easy to grab.  It makes wrapping present so much easier!




Bedroom Christmas Tree


Wine Spots- The Trees Hold Christmas Cards!  They Look so Fun When They are Filled


All stocked up for Christmas!


Red wine and martinis well be served at our house!



Kitchen Table


All Together Now!



Question:  What is your favorite Holiday decoration to have out?

I love Christmas lights inside the house. It doesn’t matter what they are one, I just love how warm and cozy they make the house feel!