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Wedding Pictures

24 Dec

Hey guys!  This past week the wedding photographer sent us a few of our wedding pics.  We are still waiting for the DVD to come for the others.  All the pictures were taken by Bryan from Studio Blue Photography in Minnesota.


We had our wedding ceremony in a Catholic Basilica (The Basilica of Saint Mary)

Sweetheart shots.  We had our first look before the ceremony.  It was very emotional.  I’m glad we saw each other before.

First look




Getting my sass on!


I love this picture.  There are two other just like this with the door more open and one with the door almost shut! 


Taking pictures before the ceremony with the wedding party.  Our colors were hot pink, bright orange and lime green.  We had a Mexican Fiesta themed wedding and it was so much fun!


Beautiful flowers.  I choose to have orange calla lilies with lime green orchids around the calla lilies for my bouquet.  My bridesmaids had pink calla lilies.  The flowers were elegant and simple.


The Husband saying his vows.  No joke, the wedding band wouldn’t fit my finger when he tried to put it on me.  I was so bloated from the grooms dinner and being nervous.  It took a good minute for him to get the ring on.  I kept saying “push harder,”  I just wanted it on my finger already!


Saying my vows


This is right after we said our vows.  We chose the meditation song Ave Maria.  It was beautiful.


After being presented as Keith and Kjirsten Conrad (I don’t know why I’m holding the program)


I’m not going to lie, I was elated the ceremony was over.  I had been so nervous and emotional and was ready to have some fun!

219   We had our reception at the Mill City Museum.  It was the coolest place to have a wedding reception.

I saw my niece, who was also the flower girl, once we arrive to the reception site and was so excited to see her!


Wedding party photos on the top floor of the Mill City.


Grand March


This photo is from the Mill City link above.  This is the courtyard we had our cocktail hour at and are standing the picture above.  Pretty cool right?

First dance to Michael Buble’s Everything.


Last shot of the night!


Question:  What was you favorite part of your wedding?  Or, if your not married what are you most looking forward to planning for your wedding?