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Merry Christmas

26 Dec

Hey guys!  This is totally a random, Christmas post in no certain order!  I hope you can bare with me and I also hope you all had an excellent Christmas weekend!  : )

I woke up this morning without a sugar hangover.  I didn’t plan well and we only had candy canes in our house for a sweet treat and or dessert.  I was more than happy with my no baked goods Christmas though.  I had plenty of other goodies (vino) to keep me satisfied.  I did however wake up with the slightest hangover.  I had about 4 glasses of wine over a  10 hour period and drank lots of water in-between.  With that being said, the Husband and I enjoyed a tasty green monsters for breakfast.  I stuffed so much spinach into the blended we each probably had a good 2-3 cups each!


SAM_3091 SAM_3093 SAM_3095

Although we started our day off with a nutritious breakfast today, we did indulge over Christmas.

I’m sorry for the lack of pics, but here is a recap of my holiday.

Christmas eve was filled with church, friends and getting to bed early.  We were so busy and rushed all day, we ended up going to bed by 8:30pm!  Dinner was crock pot pulled pork  (it cooked for 9 hours) with just a tad of BBQ.  We made sandwiches with the meat and it came out fabulous and was so tender.  I’ll post all the Christmas recipes later this week.  We planned on eating more but since we were so tired, we didn’t feel like making a mess in the kitchen.

Christmas Day was fun!  We got up, drank baileys and coffee and opened presents.  Since we weren’t exchanging gifts this year (the expensive little puppy is our family Christmas gift), it only took about 5 minutes.  I must have been a good girl this year, because I found a Garmin 405cx under the tree!  I am so excited about this!  If you have any pointers on how to set it up I would really appreciate it!  Other than the Garmin, I other fun things from the family!  Breakfast was eggs and toast, lunch was a pizza dip with tortilla chips (so good, and you can make it vegetarian easily.  It’s always a hit)and dinner was a small helping of lasagna and garlic toast.  Clearly not my healthiest day ever.  The husband and I were by ourselves since our families live in Minnesota and Montana so we watched movies, listened and danced around to Christmas music and played some game!  The day flew by and before I knew it, it was midnight.  I never stay up that late and was glad to get to bed!

On cool thing I got was from my sister.  She got us a webcam and we were able to Skype my family for the first time and spend a good hour together on Christmas morning together!  I had so much fun doing that!  I’d never done that before so it was a totally new thing for me and I thought it rocked!

Pizza Dip


Hot Coco and Baileys- I had this on Thursday


More monopoly was played


Christmas Morning


A Garmin Yay!  Thanks Santa!


Today I did some online shopping at Crate and Barrel!  They are having a rocking sale today!  I could have bought the whole store.  The rest of the day we are going to be low key and watch football and clean the house a little.  Breakfast was the green smoothie from above lunch was bacon wrapped chicken.  Such a great appetizer.  I used organic chicken and unprocessed nitrate free bacon.  They are dipped in brown sugar and chili powder and came out great!  The husband and I agree it’s good hangover food!


They would be good with turkey bacon as well.  or with veggie bacon wrapped around tofu!


We get our puppy, Quincy, in 4 days and have lots to do before he comes home!  I can’t wait to go shopping in the next few days and stock up on puppy supplies!  I did order him some bowl from C&B with my order this morning!  I just hope they arrive in time.  I’ll leave you guys with a few new puppy pics from Quincy on Christmas Eve morning!




Question:  What is your favorite thing you did this holiday weekend?