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Adventure of a First Time Puppy Mom

30 Dec

I didn’t realize how much work goes into keeping a puppy satisfied.  We picked up Quincy, the Australian Shepherd, yesterday morning.  Thankfully we didn’t go today as planned since Prescott, AZ got hit with a massive blizzard.  I think we have well over a foot of snow and it is still coming down hard.  When we got to the ranch to pick him up there was a 2 minute exchange of payment for puppy and we were out of there.  When we started driving we didn’t know what to do with him, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do.  Take a nap on Mom’s lap! 



We were so impressed with how good he was.  He slept the whole way- 3 hours.

  Once we arrived safely to Prescott, Quincy had his first encounter with snow!  Lots and lots of snow!



Quincy loved the snow!


He had so much fun playing in it and didn’t want to come inside.


After going potty outside we were so impressed with him!  He still hasn’t had an accident inside out house and runs to the back door when he needs to be let out.  Let me remind you, he is only 6 1/2 weeks.  Smart Aussie!

After a fun day in the snow it was time for toys!


He preferred Mom’s sweatshirt, jeans, fingers and shoes over his toys… we need to work on that.


He played until he couldn’t play anymore!


He slept well, until we put him into his crate.  Wow, he wasn’t a fan of the crate.  I think the Husband and I got up 6 times during the night to take him to the bathroom.  Remember there was a blizzard going on as well.  After 30 minutes of sleep, we finally let Quincy whine until he stopped and fell asleep at 4:30am.  We woke up to him whining at 6:30am and couldn’t believe the little pup had let us sleep for 2 whole hours!  Heaven! 

I’m hoping the little guy sleeps better tonight because I feel like a zombie today.  Oh, and I also need my beauty sleep tonight!  : )

Question:  Have you ever crate trained a dog before?  Any tips?