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Happy New Year

1 Jan

I hope everyone had a great night ringing in 2011.  I can’t believe we are already in the year 2011!  It seems like yesterday was 1999! 

Like I posted in the previous post, the Husband and I stayed in and had a nice quite evening.  We ordered pizza and watched Meet the Parents.  We finished it in bed since the puppy decided it was bed time and when the puppy sleeps, we sleep. 

Here are my New Year resolutions for 2011

  • Stay completely organized.  I am a very organized person, but during the craziness of the week, lose a little bit of it.  So this year I want to keep it going during the week.
  • Workout 5 times per week.  These will include both strength and cardio workouts.  If I can get in 5 a week, I’m in great shape.
  • Do yoga 2-3 times per week.  This will help me to de-stress, keep my anxiety down, increase my flexibility and hopefully help my problem hips.
  • Meditate for minimum 10 minutes a day.  I meditate in our workout room at home with the light off.  I sit cross legged and just concentrate on my breathing.  When I notice my thoughts going elsewhere, I just bring myself back to the breathing. 

I had a great 2010, it was a bit crazy at times, but it was a great year for me.  I got married and became a puppy mom!  : )

Cheers to 2011, may this be the best year ever!

Question:  What are your New Years resolutions?