Flax and Chia Seed Drink Returns

18 Jan

AM Snack:  This morning before I left for work, I brought back one of my favorite healthy snacks:  Flaxseed and Chia Seed Drink (click the link for their benefits).  I call it a snack since it keeps my full for a while.  For those new to this site, I typically use 1tbsp flaxseeds, 1 tbsp chia seeds and mix it with 1 cup pure cranberry juice diluted with water.  I have been meaning to make one in the past few weeks, but never got around to it until this am.

It tasted a little off since my water was warm and I didn’t have any cranberry mixed in it.  The little drink did keep me full through my morning clients.  I make this drink because I rather just drink my flax and chia then sprinkle it on foods.  I like getting them done with in less that 30 seconds!



Plus Chia Seeds


Add in some H20, mix and drink!

SAM_3517 SAM_3518


Lunch:  Same as yesterday.  Boca chicken on an Ezekiel pita with shredded pepper jack cheese and hummus.  I bought 10 boxes of Boca products a few months back when they went on sale for only $1.  I hadn’t cracked into them yet until just last week when I remembered we had them.  I love this lunch since it is high in protein and fiber.  It sticks with me for hours.


After lunch, I wanted dessert!  I really wanted to have a Hersey’s nugget, but instead I had 3 dried figs.  OMG!  Amazing.  I have been eating these little guys a lot lately.  When figs are dried, their natural sugar is pulled to the outside of the fig for an amazing tasty little treat! 

Figs are low in calories (about 20 per fig) and high in fiber (about 1 gram per fig).


If you like dried fruit, I’d give these a try.  I found them at Costco, they are organic as well as cheap!  Bonus!


FYI- I limit myself to 3 figs a day since they are high in sugar (about 4 grams per fig)

Since it looks like one of my clients stood me up, I’m going to dive into a work project! 

But, before I go, here are the Quincy pictures of the day!  He is growing so fast, he is almost double in weight and size from when we got him just a few weeks ago!

He was giving his best smirk!


Smiling in this one for you guys!  : )


Question:  What did you have for lunch today?



5 Responses to “Flax and Chia Seed Drink Returns”

  1. movesnmunchies January 18, 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    i love Quincy!! so so cutee!! lets see.. for lunch I had a flatout light wrap with laughing cow and tons of veggies and balsamic glazee.. with a side of greek yogurt and almond butter with agave!

  2. Kat January 18, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

    Gosh I have got to get to costco!! I love figs!! For lunch today I had an egg, pesto, and spinach sandwhich with an apple 🙂 Quincy is totally a ham. Already loves the camera!

  3. Tracie January 18, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

    MMM your lunch looks delicious! I had a Morningstar veggie burger on a whole wheat sandwich thin and some sliced carrots for lunch. I am so jealous you got Boca products for $1! I would have stocked up too!

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