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Short Day Yay!

20 Jan

Since we didn’t have MLK Jr. day off like everyone  else I’ve talked with, I am so pumped that it is Thursday!  Short day!  Today after work, I need to head on over to the DMV to get my last name finally changed on my license.  I went last week, but my social security number hadn’t changed yet so I could do it, and I went Monday, but they were closed because of the holiday.  So after being married 5 months, I am finally taking the plunge.  Also, I think I better change my address as well.  My old address from about 3 years ago is still on my DL.

Here are the rest of my eats from yesterday

  • PM Snack:  Chicken Nachos (chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, tortilla chips, salsa.  Just a small portion since it is so indulgent) & Hot Chocolate
  • Dinner:  Small serving of left over pasta

For breakfast today I had a green smoothie.  Since I had salty tortilla chips yesterday afternoon and basically no vegetables (expect for those in the pasta) I felt I needed to infuse my body with spinach!  And it will help me de-bloat!  : )


I make mine with 1 banana, 3 cups of spinach, 5 ice cubes and 1 cup of Almond Milk.  So good!

SAM_3559 SAM_3560


Well, I got to get ready to train my first client!

Question:  What is your favorite way to make a green smoothie?