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Ants in My Pants

30 Jan

I’ve been antsy lately.  Really antsy.  I feel like there are no big changes on the horizon in my future and I am craving something big to happen.  I wasn’t always this way, no change used to be my ideal, but over the past three years we have had major things happen each year.  Let me show you:


  • October- The Boyfriend and I move ourselves across the country from Minnesota to Arizona into a new house


  • The Boyfriend and I become roommates for the first time
  • The boyfriend and I start working on opening our first gym and working together

Future Gym #1


  • November- I fly back to MN to throw my sister a baby shower
  • December- My sister welcomes a new baby girl into this world 5 weeks early
  • I fly home for Christmas to visit my new niece and spend Christmas with the Family



  • January- The Boyfriend and I open our first gym (yay!)


  • July-  Keith’s brother gets married in Park City

Beautiful Bride Debbie


  • September- Move into a new house (close to gym #1)


  • October- The Boyfriend and I open up our second gym



  • April- The Boyfriend is now my Fiancé

IMG_0014 (2)

  • August- The Fiancé and I open up our third gym


  • January- Move into our third house in less than 3 years


  • August- Here comes the bride, we finally tie the knot after 5 years


  • November- 2 weeks away on our Honeymoon


  • December- We get our first puppy


These are just the really big highlights of the year, during the past 4 years there has been numerous (too many to count) trips to Minnesota, Montana, Mexico and one trip to Wisconsin (for a wedding a few weeks before our own).  Also, planning a wedding in a different state is a lot harder than it seems, all while the Husband and I are running 3 gyms ourselves. 

So, here we are in 2011 with no plans to move into a new house (which we were averaging once a year), no plans to travel to Minnesota or Montana in our near future, (I’m sure we will start planning some trips to see family starting this spring), no Mexican vacation in sight, no plans to open a 4th gym and no plans to have a baby just yet (I go back and forth on this ALL the time).  So what’s next?  I don’t know, and that is such a change from the past 4 years of constant change and planning.  I almost feel lost.  We are busier then ever running our three gyms and taking care of a new puppy, but I’m still feel like I need to be doing more with my time.  I talked about this with the Husband and he feels the same way I do.


Question:  Have you ever felt this way?  Do you crave change?  I’m a creature of habit, but do like change and switching things up every now and again!