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Eats and Cold Arizona

2 Feb

Hey guys!  I have some eats to share you with along with a cold weather update from Arizona.

On to Eats….Tuesday

  • Breakfast- 2 Eggs and shredded cheese in a tortilla.  Topped with hot sauce!


  • AM Snack- Honey-Nana Chobani Champions Yogurt + Banana
  • Lunch-  Boca Burger with American Cheese, Ketchup, and Mustard served on a Ezekiel Pita (love these pitas)
  • PM Snack- 2 Hershey’s Nuggets + 3 Wheat Crackers with Tuna Fish
  • Fish Taco with cheese, cabbage, tomatoes and hot sauce






  • Same as Tuesday- 2 eggs, cheese hot sauce on a tortilla
  • Am Snack- Berry Chobani Champions + Banana
  • Lunch-  Chicken Boca Patty with cheese, spring mix and salsa on an Ezekiel Pita


We are planning on pasta for dinner tonight and I am so excited!  It’s so cold out today.  When we woke up it was –6 with the wind-chill.  In the time I’ve lived in Arizona it has never been this cold, or close to this cold.  Unlike most of you who got the snow with the cold temps, we are still in full blown work mode in this state.  I talked with a few people who all agreed that if it’s going to be this cold we want snow!  Oh well, at least it is suppose to be in the high 50s and sunny starting tomorrow!

On a side note, today is the first time in years I’ve caught a little bit of General Hospital on TV.  I haven’t seen this show in years but used to be addicted to it!  I love that I can pick up almost where I left off years ago.  So many of the same characters are still on the show and all of them don’t look like they have even aged!

Questions:  What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?  Are you a General Hospital fan or a soap opera fan?