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Pasta Mia and The Fast Growing Puppy

3 Feb

Hey guys! 

Last night we made a great pasta dinner!  I think we have gotten in the tradition on making a big batch of pasta on Wednesday.  It is typically the same every Wednesday, except with a little variation!  Before I get to dinner, if you haven’t entered my Larabar Giveaway, click here!

Okay, on to dinner.  Whole wheat noodles + loads of spinach + lean ground turkey + garlic pasta sauce + 2 huge organic tomatoes + 3/4 organic red onion + 4-6 tbsp minced garlic (I’m addicted) + lots of crushed red peppers + natural parmesan cheese on top = an AMAZING meal!



Simply Amaze-a-bells!


Before dinner, we were talking to Keith’s Mom and she wanted to see some updated pics of Quincy.  We took a few pics and when we uploaded them on my computer, we couldn’t believe what we saw.  Keep in mind, we’ve only have him for one month.

Quincy right before we brought him home


Quincy about a Month later (don’t worry the Husband is super strong and would never drop the little man)!

Quincy 2 2 11 3

I’m 5’5 and he is catching up quick (yes, I love baggy sweats when I get home from work)



We still think he is so little, but after taking these pics, we are starting to realize how quick he is growing up.  I decided I needed to take lots more pictures of him since he is gaining about three to four pounds a week.  Before the Husband and I know it he will be a big adult dog!  For those of you who don’t know, Quincy is an Australian Shepherd, he was born November 13th and is our little baby!  : )


That’s it for now!  I hope you all have great plans for the day!  We are getting so close to the weekend!  Yay!