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Dinner and Williams Sonoma Surprise

9 Feb

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic night of sleep!  Did you get your 7-9 hours?  I love sleep, and get really crabby if I don’t get my 7-9 hours.  My perfect night of sleep would include at least 8, but no more than 9 without waking up once!  I can dream right?

Okay, so onto dinner.  Last night I made Chicken Green Bean Casserole, one of the husband and I’s favorite.  It takes a little effort to make, so I surprised both of us, when I offered to make it.  I typically leave recipes that require effort for the weekend.  I like quick and easy meals during the week (think salads).  With the casserole, we each had a salad.  I have been lacking vegetables so this was a must in my book.

So refreshing!


If you eat chicken, this is a must make recipe!  It’s a very comforting meal!  Just look at that cheesy goodness!


My serving, I did go back for another 1/2 servings as well!  A girls got to eat, right?


While getting dinner ready, we had a knock on the door.  I went to answer it and it was the UPS man.  I saw a big box and since it wasn’t black and white (we all know I have a Crate and Barrel addiction and get packages weekly), I left it outside.  When the Husband came into the kitchen, I told him he got a package.  After he brought it inside he told me it was addressed to me from my second obsession Mr.. Williams Sonoma!  I immediately remembered I ordered that great kitchen deal, a mixer with WS gift cards we had from out wedding! 




Look at this thing of beauty glowing in the kitchen!


I can’t wait to try it out this weekend, I’ve already started looking for recipes!  If you have any recipes to suggest, I would greatly appreciate it! 


Questions:  How many hours of sleep does your body crave each night?

Do you have any suggestions of what I should make first in the new mixer?