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Happy Spring and Shrimp Tacos

21 Mar

Spring is here!  Yay!  I think…..

Today is a high of 45 with a mix of snow and rain in Arizona.  Why?

Right now, I’m sitting in the office at work, looking out the window to gray skies and snow.  Humph……

Oh well, what can a girl do but put on Uggs and a huge cozy sweater. 

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  The majority of the day was watching basketball and doing laundry.  I did manage to run a few errands as well to Target, Office Max, Safeway and New Frontiers.  My eats are pretty boring, but the Husband and I did make Shrimp Tacos for dinner last night.  Mmmmm!  : )

Eats from Yesterday

  • Breakfast-  Blueberry, Banana and Peach Smoothie with Vanilla Protein Powder and Almond Milk

Two days in a row!  The Husband and I are on a kick!


  • Lunch-  Chicken Fajita with Saturday night’s leftovers of chicken, mushrooms, onion and green bell peppers.  Sorry no pic.
  • Snack-  BBQ Chips.  I know they are not the healthiest, but I only had a few and made sure to eat them slowly to savor the flavors.  : )
  • Dinner-  Shrimp Tacos.  SO GOOD!  I had two.

Shrimp Marinade (for shrimp tacos)

Ingredients (Makes about 6-8 stuffed tacos):

2 lbs. shrimp

sliced white mushrooms

4 heaping scoops minced garlic (you can do less garlic if you aren’t a super fan of it)

1/2 cup olive oil

1/3 cup salsa

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

crushed red peppers


Remove legs and shells from shrimp. Rinse in cold water. Mix all ingredients together in large bowl. Add shrimp and let marinate for a few hours. Grill on medium heat, in tin foil shaped with sides to hold marinade. When done, put shrimp in bowl and add just a bit of the cooked marinade sauce. Enjoy on a tortilla with cheese, salsa and your other favorite taco toppings!



We like to grill the tortilla for a few minutes to get them warm and crispy


Grilled Shrimp (we forgot to drain most of the marinade).


Ready to make a taco!  Do you spy Quincy in the background?


Eat and Enjoy!

Question:  What is your favorite taco topping?  I think mine is cheese!