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Weekend Warrior!

11 Apr

Hey there!  How was your weekend?  Hopefully it was filled with healthy eats and fun workouts!  I didn’t get a chance to post but I’m back with a week of fun posts for you all!  I did have a few hours on Saturday free, but instead of posting, I watched Black Swan…..have you seen it?  I thought it was an awesome movie, but a bit bazaar in a few of the scenes!  Now I know why Natalie Portman won the Oscar this year, she definitely deserved it for her brilliant performance!  Okay lets get straight to my weekend workouts!

  • Friday-  Tricpes and Back Strength in the AM and Intervals in the PM
  • Saturday-  3 Mile Walk/Run in the frigid temps of AZ (only 30 degrees) and in the snow!  I did learn on my walk/run that running or walking in the snow is just like running or walking on the sand, it really gives the butt a good burn!
  • Sunday-  Biceps and Shoulders Strength

My biceps are already killing me!

My eats of the weekend were quite odd, I normally, some would say religiously eat 6 small meals a day.  Well, this weekend I wasn’t hungry for my afternoon snack or dinner.  I can’t remember everything I ate, so I will just point out the fun non-typically eats of the weekend.

Friday-  Calamari Tacos (Lent)

Saturday-   1 1/2 Chicken Fajitas (Late Lunch) and  Margarita!

We went to a restaurant called El Charro.  It was good, but the fajitas were a little overpriced for what we got.



Sunday-  Homemade Pizza with fresh mushrooms, red bell pepper, red onion, red sauce & natural uncured nitrate free pepperoni.

We used the recipe for crusty pizza crust I have posted here.

  SAM_4912 SAM_4913

SAM_4922 SAM_4915


 SAM_4926  SAM_4925

SAM_4931 SAM_4932 SAM_4933 SAM_4934 SAM_4935


Best homemade pizza ever!


Don’t worry, there was plenty of protein shakes and vegetables added into my eats over the weekend so I was still staying balanced with my eating.  Tonight for dinner we are having salmon and asparagus, my new favorite meal!

On Saturday, it snowed a few inches and blanketed the streets and trees!



On the agenda for tonight is grilling dinner then getting to bed early.  We just got back from a walk with the puppy and both Keith and I are exhausted!  I need my beauty sleep for a rocking early morning cardio sweat session!

Question:  Are you working out tomorrow?  What will your workout look like?