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Salmon is My Fish of the Month

12 Apr

I’m loving salmon.  Everything about it.  It’s coral color, it’s high count of healthy fats, the way it makes me skin glow and hair shine!  It’s salmon month in our home and I LOVE IT!

Eats from yesterday:

Breakfast-  Peanut Butter Toast on Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread, 1/2 Banana and 1/2 cup of Coffee

I can’t remember the rest, so not like me.  I think I had a protein shake for lunch and an Ezekiel tortilla for a PM snack?

Dinner-  Salmon and Asparagus!  YUM YUM YUM!!!

I used this salmon marinade recipe that I posted last week!



I’m going to keep this post short because I have exactly seven minutes before the new Jamie Oliver Food Revolution comes on!  I LOVE this show!  I told Keith I was going to blog when he saw that the new show is on!  Yay for surprise premiers of your favorite shows!

Now onto the Cute Quincy Pictures of the Day!



My Favorite Pic of the Day!  My Little Heartbreaker!  haha  : )



Question:  Have you ever watched any of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution before?  Keith and I were huge fans of the show so I can’t wait for this one to begin!