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Organizing or Spring Cleaning?

14 Apr

First off, I want to thank all my readers for making blogging so much fun for me!  I know I haven’t been posting as much as I would like and I wanted to thank my old readers and my new readers for all the awesome emails and comments you leave me!

Okay, so for some reason Keith and I have been SO busy.  I don’t know what it is, but the busier I get, the more tasks I try to juggle.  Enter reorganizing the ENTIRE house!  I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I spent the majority of my free evenings going through my desk (which isn’t pretty and had a month’s worth of mail strewn on top of it.  Not only did I do that, I cleaned out all the 4 drawers and the attached cupboards filled to the brim with junk.  I must admit.  It feel SO amazing cleaning out all my wedding planning ‘stuff’ from this past August.  I also made a task list of things I MUST get done before we head off on our road trip to Montana next week.  In no particular order

My side is finally clean, neat and organized!  It feels so good that I can actually utilize my space again!


  • Weed out the Closet and the Jacket Closet  –>  Bring items to Goodwill ASAP (we still have massive amounts of clothes we were going to bring to Goodwill in January….2010.
  • Clean out my Vanity/Sink area and throw away everything I don’t use or that is almost empty
  • Get rid of all our kitchen items we don’t use anymore.  Like our old blender and toaster.  <—We got new items from our Wedding
  • Go through my piles of magazines and bring the ones I know I will never read to the gyms for our members to read (No joke, I probably get 30 subscriptions a month on the low side).
  • Clean out one of the guest bedroom closets.  It is filled with everything I don’t have a place for and well, it is a sight for sore eyes right now.
  • Clean out the garage.  All garbage must be brought to the dumpster immediately!

Okay, typing this out, I realize I can’t get it all done before Wednesday, but I am sure going to try and get as much done as I can. 

Now onto the workouts:

  • Wednesday-  Intervals and Chest
  • Thursday-  Heavy Legs (I can barely walk)
  • Friday (tomorrow)-  Am-  Triceps and Back  PM-  Intervals

Eats:  I’ve been craving everything we don’t have in the house especially sweets and chocolate.  I can’t wait until Easter when I can finally indulge.  I gave up sweets for Lent and it was going good up until last weekend.  I wasn’t thinking about dark chocolate or even craving it until Keith decided to flaunt his Orange Peel Dark Chocolate bar (my very very very favorite) right in front of my nose!  Even since I’ve been dreaming about the day I can sink my teeth into a piece for myself!  So, instead of chocolate I’ve been eating lots of organic dried figs to tame the wild beast that my sweet tooth has become.

Other eats have been peanut butter toast, smoothies (I’ll post our recipe tomorrow), flaxseed, chia seed and cinnamon drinks, cheddar cheese and Crunch Master Crackers, Pasta with spinach and chicken and tonight we are having grilled chicken on salad.  Nothing too out of the ordinary, but I’m so happy it’s been warm out so we can drink smoothies again for breakfast!

Pasta on Tuesday and Wednesday


Whole Wheat Organic Noodles, Vegetables (Spinach, Mushroom, Tomato Sauce, Yellow Onion), Natural Chicken, Topped with Parmesan Reggiano. 


Thursday Night- We needed something a bit lighter after having pasta for dinner two nights in a row (you can eat anything you want as long as it’s in moderation and balanced with your other meals) so while Keith grilled up some more chicken, I chopped a granny smith apple, tomato, red onion, walnuts and some gorgonzola cheese.  We topped the monstrous salad with Annie’s Organic Balsamic Dressing.  It was delightful! 

SAM_5003 SAM_5005 SAM_5004


What’s in your fridge?  On my cleaning/organizing rampage, I decided to organize our fridge.  But to my surprise it was already pretty well kept.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I’m going to show you what we keep in our fridge to keep fit and stay healthy.  I didn’t take anything out for the picture either.  What you see are the foods we keep on hand and eat during the week!

Are you ready to see what’s in my fridge?


Top Shelf-  Bloody Mary Mix, Fage Greek Yogurt, Almond Milk, Knudsen’s Pure Cranberry Juice and a pitcher of Cranberry Juice Mixed with Water!

Second Shelf-  Eggs, Salsa and Champagne (We’ve had the Champagne since Valentines day chilling in the fridge and STILL haven’t drank it…and no, I’m not pregnant)!

Third Row-  Breads/Tortillas and Pitas.  Alpine Valley Bread and Alpine Valley Hamburger Buns (Here’s a tip, if you know you wont eat all your bread before it gets moldy, stick it in the freezer.  We do this all the time and then either broil the hamburger buns until they are slightly toasted or place the bread back in the fridge to de-thaw). Ezekiel Pitas, Ezekiel Tortillas and Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread.  We also have Raw Flour Tortillas we buy from Costco and Stone Ground Corn Tortillas (they only have three ingredients- stone ground corn, water and lime juice, how cool is that?  Is it weird I get excited over things like that?)

Third Row-  Celery, Carrots- whole, Mushrooms, Red Onion in Small Glass Bowl with Lid, Spring Mix (was still on the counter, I stuck it on the stove and forgot to put it away until way after dinner).  In the foil is leftover asparagus from our salmon and asparagus meal on Monday.

First Drawer-  Cheese- Parmesan Reggiano, Blocks of Cheddar and Pepper Jack, Shredded Pepper Jack (I like shredding my own cheese and keeping it in small glass bowls as opposed to buying pre-shredded cheese in plastic bags.  I don’t like a lot of plastic in our home)  and Gorgonzola.  We buy all of our cheese from the Health/Organic/Natural grocery store in town to stay away from rbST.

Second Drawer-  Vegetables ❤ ❤ ❤   1 Eggplant, 1 Yellow Onion, 1 Red Onion, 7 Tomatoes, 2 Fresh Heads of Romaine, 2 Green Bell Peppers and 1 Large Red Bell Pepper.  We buy all organic vegetables.  I am a STRONG and PASSIONATE believer in organic foods, household products and bath products.  I don’t have a problem with regular fruits and vegetables at all and I do eat them, but I just prefer to buy organic when I shop .  Plus I think they stay fresher longer!

Bottom Drawer (not shown)-  Fruit  ❤ ❤ ❤  Limes and Lemons.  We have a fruit bowl on our table with bananas and apples.  We buy all organic fresh fruit as well except, I will buy non organic lemons and limes in bulk from Costco since we don’t use the skin.  If I do add lemon zest to a dish, I will make sure to wash the fruit for a good minute to make sure I’m getting all the chemicals off. 


Top Row-  Hummus, Peanut Butter and Fresh Ground Flaxseeds.  Oh, and I think I see a half stick of Earth Balance.

Next Row-  Salad Dressing, Cooking Spray (canola), Hot Sauce, Garlic, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and Flaky Parmesan that has been there for a long time (I don’t usually allow us to have the flaky parm since it is mostly fake.  I like buying the freshly shredded at the health food store.

Third Shelf Down-  Whole Flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, Raw Almonds and Raw Walnuts (Did you know if you keep nuts in the fridge they will stay more fresh?)

Fourth Shelf-  Random things I’m sure are expired like BBQ Sauce and other things like Sriracha, Spectrum Vegan Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Stir Fry Sauces

Bottom Shelf (hidden)-  I have no idea.  I’m  actually curious to go check.  We never use any of the stuff on the bottom shelf hence the reason it’s on the bottom.  I think there are some martini olives down there though!  Yum!


Since I’ve talked about eating lots of organic and believing in an organic household, I though I’d share that is having 40% off all their Seventh Generation Cleaning items!  I stocked up and so should you!  Just click on this link  –> and type in Seventh Generation in the search bar.  The sale ends 4/22 so you have plenty of time!  They are my favorite brand of natural cleaners and have  WIDE range of products!

Seventh Generation - Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner, Lemongrass & Thyme - 26 fl oz

Also, if you are curious as why I’m so passionate about organic foods pick up a copy of Jillian Michaels book Master Your Metabolism.  I have mentioned it on the blog a bunch before because it really opened my eyes and I learned so much I never knew about the foods I chose to put into my body.  Check it out!  I promise you will lean a lot from it!

And finally…..I signed Jamie Oliver’s petition to stop letting young kids drink sugary milk in school (strawberry and chocolate flavors).  If you think the schools should take away sugary milk in schools you should take 20 seconds and sign it too.  I think it is nuts that in order for the US to change their school lunch programs a British man has to lead the movement!  Lets all get involved and help keep the youngsters healthy!!!!!   : )

Click the link below to sign it!

Okay, so I hope this post wasn’t information overload!

I better spend some time with my little family before Housewives of New York and American Idol comes on!  I’m still in shock Pia was sent home, but am now rooting for Casey and Lauren!

Before I go, take a look at my blogging partner tonight!


I think he finally got tired of chewing up the rug! 


Questions:  Are you in spring cleaning mode?  Are you pretty particular with where your stuff goes and cleanliness.

What’s in your fridge?  I want to know!  Send me a pic to if you are brave enough!  If I get enough, I’ll post them on the blog for everyone to see!  Come on don’t be shy!  : )

Who are you cheering for on American Idol this season?  Are you still shocked Pia went home last week?