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Puppy Gate

16 Jul

Hey all!  I hope you are all having a very lovely Saturday!  Today started off great, but quickly turned south all before 6am!

We woke up early and decided it would be fun to get Starbucks then head to a park and let Quincy run free and play some ball before people got to the park who knew dogs weren’t allowed.  We packed up the car and about one block away from out house, we noticed a horrific smell.  The puppy had pooped all over my car and had walked in it and was getting it everywhere!  My gag reflexes immediately kicked in and Keith (who was driving my car) immediately headed for home. 

Once home, I jumped out and ran for the bathroom while Keith tried to get the dog out of the car.  For about the next hour I spent time scrubbing my car (we had the seats folded down so little Quincy had the back seat plus the trunk to run around in). 

Around 7am, I decided I needed to get to Target right when it opened and buy a little green machine.  So, at 8am on the dot, I walked into Target and spent $120 on a Bissell Green Machine.  I was pretty pissed as I was driving home about the cost of this little vacuum, especially since I had been debating buying a steamer for our floors but didn’t want to shell out a hundred bucks on it. 

This is what I bought, I also bought the coordinating solution that was specifically for pet mistakes!


When I got back home, Keith had to run into work, so I put the Green Machine together and went to work on my car.  One hour later the car was looking, and smelling, like new again and Quincy was finally off my blank list!  : )

Who me?


I am not sure what triggered Q to make a mess in the car, but I think it was from excitement since he had been let out twenty minutes before we left. 

Since Keith was at work and didn’t get back until after noon, we postponed our morning workout.  Once Keith got back, we had a late lunch and then I headed into the gym, while he choose to workout at home.  I did an hour on the treadmill walking and running on and off.  I burned about 600 calories.  While I was working on my fitness, I read a great smoothie recipe and headed straight to the store once I was finished so I can whip up on tomorrow morning.  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!  I picked up a Lemon Larabar at the store that I ate on the ride home and am currently enjoying a pink grapefruit as I type this!  Delicious!

Now onto my workout stats from this past week:

Saturday 7/9:  Cardio

  • Time:  46:15 min
  • Calories:  430  30% Fat
  • Max Heart Rate:  189 98% max
  • Average Heart Rate:  163  85% max

Sunday 7/10:  20 Minutes on Upright Bike and Weights (Core, Back, Biceps, Hamstrings) (I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor so I am guessing on this day)

  • Time:  50-60 min
  • Calories:  I am guessing 450-500

I like feeling the burn…


Wednesday 7/13:  Cardio

  • Time:  47:02 min
  • Calories:  437  25% Fat
  • Max Heart Rate:  189 98% max
  • Average Heart Rate:  167  87% max

… and getting my cardio on! 


Friday 7/15:  Weights (Pecs, Triceps, Lower Back, Core, Quads, Delts)

  • Time:  37:54 min (short I know, we were both tired : )  )
  • 234 Calories  50% Fat
  • Max Heart Rate:  172  90% max
  • Average Heart Rate:  132  69% max

I wanted to get in five workouts, but it just didn’t happen last week.  I am starting this new week off with a bang and hope to get in all 5 of my workouts this week (which I know will happen)!

That is it from my end, I think that other half of my grapefruit is calling my name from the kitchen and I also think I can hear my shower calling out to me!!!  See you all tomorrow and have a great night!

Question:  How many days does your schedule allow you to get into the gym?  My favorite is 5 days.  I love thinking I can sleep in twice during the work week!