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What Gets You Motivated? My Top Seven Tips to Keep You Motivated to Accomplish Any Goal

1 Aug

“If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got”
Mark Twain

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”.
George Eliot

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it”
Thomas Jefferson


Motivation is a tricky thing.  Some people have it, some people don’t.  Some people have it at times, others have it all the time.  What is motivation and how does one get it?

First, you need to look at what you want to succeed at.  Is it getting a promotion at work, keeping up with daily house work, sticking with a diet, running a mile nonstop, cooking one of your favorite dishes from scratch?  Whatever desires you have in life and want to be successful at, you need some motivation to get there.  I also think you need some prioritizing as well. 

So the big question is….how do you get motivated and stick with a goal?

Let me share some of my favorite tips for getting motivation to succeed at whatever it is you want.

Tip #1.  Write out your goal on a sheet of paper and stick it where you can see it daily.  I believe you need a to see your goal on a daily basis so you always have a reminder at what your working towards.

Goal: I want to make it into the gym five times a week for the next six months!

Tip #2.  Set smaller goals within your ultimate goal.  Goals can be BIG.  My suggestion is breaking up the larger goal into smaller goals without losing sight of the big picture.  A great example for this is, if you want to lose 50 pounds, that might seem like too big of a mountain to climb.  Instead, start small.  Maybe your goal within a goal is to lose 5 pounds.  Slowly you will lose weight, making that rather impossible first goal seem much more realistic.

Goal Within a Goal: I want to make it into the gym five times a week for the next two weeks!

Tip #3.  Reward yourself for getting steps closer to your big goal.  For example if your big goal is running 3 miles without stopping, reward yourself along the way. Maybe after running your first mile without stopping and again after running two miles without stopping, as you accomplish your smaller goals.  I am a big believer in not rewarding yourself with food.  This teaches your brain that there are good foods and bad foods, and you don’t want to think like that.  Instead reward yourself with clothes (maybe a new business skirt in you are a step closer to getting your promotion or a mani/pedi with your closest girlfriend for running a mile nonstop).  Rewards are fun and are a must if you need to find motivation to succeed!  : )

Reward:  If I make it to the gym five times a week for the next two weeks, I will reward myself with a mani / pedi with Julie on Saturday August 20th! 

Tip #4.  Plan plan plan.  Planning how you will get to your goal is critical.  Maybe your goal is to get to the gym four days a week.  Trust me, if you don’t plan your workouts into the week, you will be more inclined to skip your workouts and not reach your goal of four a week.  Another example, if you are going to cook a homemade meal from scratch, if you don’t do your research, print out recipes, get your ingredients from the store and have everything ready once you begin to cook, you wont be able to cook the meal you wanted to.  You need to be prepared and ready. 

Plan, Plan Plan:  I will workout Saturdays, Sundays at noon.  As well as Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday at 6 am. 

Tip #5.  Set backs are okay and are bound to happen.  Just keep your head high and keep moving forward.  No one is perfect and no one expects you to be perfect.  If you have a slip up or set back, let it be just that.  Don’t dwell on it, don’t think you failed, just move on.  For example, someone who wants to lose weight vows they wont eat any birthday cake at an office lunch party.  Since no one is perfect, they end up eating a slice because it looked so good and everyone else was having one.  If this or something similar happens, don’t throw your whole day away, eat something a little lighter at the next meal and go on about your day.  Just keep your goal in mind and trust me, that having a little set back here and there along your journey to your goal is not going to derail all your efforts.

Setbacks:  I missed my Tuesday 6am workout this week.  That is discrougaing, but I WILL be back at it tomorrow morning at 6am and will plan to get in a quick walk tonight after work to get in a little physical activity for the day. 

Tip #6.  Believe in yourself.  There is no point trying to reach a goal when you don’t believe in yourself.  You need to be your number one cheerleader.  If you don’t think you can do it, you wont put forth the work that needs to be done in order to achieve your goal.  Although cliché, but you really can do anything you put your mind to.

Believe in Yourself:  There is no reason why I wouldn’t get in five workouts a week.  I’m healthy and feeling great and have the time to get my workouts done.  I believe I can reach my goal!

Tip #7.  Tell Others of Your Goal.  You want support right?  You want people to know about your goal so they can help you be accountable.  For example, Keith and I thought it would be fun to run a half marathon.  We told lots of people about it, but never really trained for it like we thought we would.  But, since people were asking about it, we decided that even though we haven’t trained properly, we had to run since we told people we were going to.  So we believed in ourselves, made a plan and off we went to run the half marathon two weeks later.  Was it hard?  Of course it was, but we accomplished our big goal and then rewarded ourselves with new running shoes once we were done!

Tell Others of Your Goal:  I told my parents, boyfriend and best friends of my goal.  They can keep my accountable by joining me in my gym sessions, encouraging me to stick with my goal and ask me about how I’m doing with it.  They don’t even realize they are holding me accountable even more!

On that note, what helps you get motivated? 

What goals are you working towards right now?

Do you use any of the above tips when trying to accomplish your goals?


And remember, if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!

See you all tomorrow,

-Trainer Kjirsten