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Almost the Weekend, Yay!

4 Aug

It is almost Friday, yay!!!!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Today has flown by so fast and I can’t believe its already five!

My day was busy.  Keith and I worked out first thing in the morning.  I did 45 minutes on the treadmill and felt amazing once it was over.

Next on the agenda was work.  I had fun training clients but forgot my lunch and snacks at home.  I even had them packed and when I got home my lunchbox was sitting in the laundry room ready to be taken to work.  Whoops. 

Right when I got home I dig into my lunchbox and eat my Cherry Pie Larabar.  Mmmmm.  I think this is my new favorite flavor right now.  I love how tart it is.  If you haven’t tried this flavor before, I highly suggest buying one ASAP!

When Keith got home, we headed up to the mall where we had a bunch of errands to do.  Our mall isn’t very impressive, so we save a few errands so we can just make one trip.  One of my fun stops was at Victoria Secrets!  I love this store.  I snagged up some stuff including two new cotton t-shirts that are so comfy.  Plus they were only 26 bucks for two of them.  I love them and want one in every color!

I got this hot pink color and a black one.

Nothing else on the agenda for today except watching Big Brother and making dinner.  We are going to grill chicken breast to put onto salads.  Healthy and delicious!

Before I go, here is a quick run down of my Eats from yesterday:

  • Breakfast-  Cantaloupe and an Egg Sandwich (ham, cheese and egg on an English Muffin)
  • Am Snack-  Banana and Kashi Bar
  • Lunch-  Burrito
  • PM Snack-  Small Glass of Green Machine Naked Juice
  • Leftover Baked Spaghetti, I had a pretty small serving.  I ate after Keith ate and he didn’t leave me with much!

During the day I also had a scoop of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter.  I’m still unsure what I think about it.  It is good yet different at the same time.


Question:  What fun things have you done with your Thursday?