9 Weeks Pregnant- Green Olive

11 Aug

I can’t believe I’m already nine weeks pregnant!  Although time has seemed to slowly trick by, it seems insane to me that I’ve known about my pregnancy for 6 whole weeks! 

How Big is Baby?

Baby is the size of an Olive!

Your little embryo has now officially graduated to fetus-hood. Adding to the excitement, a Doppler ultrasound device might be able to pick up the beating heart. With basic physical structures in place and increasingly distinct facial features, baby is kind of starting to look like… well… a baby! (thebump.com)

How I’m Feeling Physically

Since about midway through week five, I’ve been plagued with morning sickness, MS.  I must be honest with you guys, I didn’t think I would get MS.  Both my mom and sister were lucky and never had encounters with MS.  So, I figured I would be lucky too.  Not. So.  Much.  Week nine has been a little nicer to me than the previous weeks.  Between weeks six and seven I don’t know which one was worse.  I literally thought I was dying.  Between keeping down no food and sleeping 20 hours a day, I was miserable.  I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Then week eight came.  Week eight I saw a slight glimmer of hope in my MS, but was hit hard with bad headaches.  Then I got to week nine.  The first two days were the first two days in weeks I hadn’t spent time with my head in the toilet (trust me, I never knew I could possibly spend so much time getting to know my toilet).  I was feeling a little like my old self and with my energy going from non-existent to low, I even worked out the first two days of week nine.  I was feeling like MS was over, headaches were over and I was flying high.  Until day three of week nine.  OMGoodness.  It’s back.  I was sick again and back to my old ways, but I was still feeling a little more energized than I was the previous weeks.  I kept up my workouts and think I am over the worst part of the first trimester sicknesses!  : )

My weight is still a few pounds down from where I started.  I’m not worried as I’ve been trying to get in enough calories each day.  I have also started feeling weird pulling in my lower stomach, which I think is my body growing to accommodate the baby.  I also swear I have a small baby bump.  I know it is way to early to be showing and think I mostly have bloat, but my shirts are definitely starting to fit tighter. 

Check it out, do you see it too?

How I’m Feeling- Emotionally

I almost bought my first baby item this week, but decided to hold off until we get our ultrasound to confirm Baby Conrad is A-Ok!  I think the fact I am going to have a baby in 30 weeks is really starting to sink in.  I feel like I want to start cleaning out our house, clearing out the babies room and just overall get everything I can possibly think of in order starting now, because I think February will be here before I know!  Or I hope it is!  : ) 

Odd Ramblings

  • Sleep:  The more the better.  I’ve been sleeping probably 9 hours a night
  • Naps:  I love my naps and have been sleeping around 6 extra hours a day
  • Foods I Crave:  Mac N Cheese, Cheeseburgers
  • Foods I Can’t Stand:  Eggs, Vegetables, Salads
  • Thing I am Most Excited For:  Getting over the Morning Sickness!



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