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Finally Finding out the Gender Today!

15 Sep

Hey everyone, I’m going to keep this nice and short since I’m running behind today.  But, today is the day!!!!


I’m keeping my fingers crossed we don’t have a repeat of Monday!

In about 7 1/2 hours my curiosity will be cured!!!

I hope you all have an amazing day and I’ll be back later with my eats and workout info!

Boy or Girl?  Soon we will know! 🙂

11 2 Scan

I can’t wait to find out who has been living in my belly my son or daughter!!!

11 2 2

That’s it for me!  Busy day planned and I’m super happy because it is going to make 3pm come quick!

xo, Kjirsten

PS-   For all you Big Brother fans,I didn’t watch Big Brother yet (I fell asleep at 8:30pm), so no one mention the winner!  I can’t wait to watch it tonight!


  • What is something you have been really excited for or looking forward too?
  • For Mom’s who have found out the baby’s gender what memory do you still hold from that special day?