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Weekend and Workout Recaps

19 Sep

This weekend seemed to go by quickly although the majority of it was spent at home.

Friday night, we made baked mozzarella sticks (Alexis Brand) for movie night.  We had a really late lunch so we weren’t hungry for a full meal.  We rented Life As We Know It and went to bed fairly early.  I was exhausted.

Note:  this is an old pic.  Not what we had on Friday, but close enough!SAM_5729

Saturday we were up bright and early and crammed so much into the day.  I think we started out workout around 5:45am in the gym, on a Saturday!  This never happens.  After our workout, we took the dog to the park and then started cleaning, laundry and errands for the remained of the day.  By the time I stepped into the shower, it was already 4:30pm!  The rest of the evening was spent relaxing.  I had developed a pretty good headache during the day so I was mostly lounging on the couch icing my head while Keith was watching college football.  Dinner was grass fed beef burgers on whole grain buns with loads of vegetables.  They turned out amazing. 

Note:  this is an old burger pic not what we had on Saturday


Sunday was a mostly relaxing day.  I finished up a few loads of laundry I didn’t get to on Saturday, ran morning errands and I even took a hour nap.  I still had my headache from Saturday and knew it was stemming from being overly tired. It was actually a really long day.  We watched out Vikings lose in the morning and after that, I was sick of football.  I did start packing for an upcoming trip and turned depressed when I realized I have seriously like two things to pack.  Nothing fits anymore!  Bummer.  At least looking on the bright side I’ll have an extra light suitcase and room to buy a few maternity items while we are away!

Workouts from last week I’ll admit were so-so.  I don’t have any excuse why I only got four in and not five except for being lazy and tired.  I did get one yoga workout in, not three.  I noticed while I was doing yoga, my left back hip is severely messed up.  After the video where you stretch your glute muscles, I wasn’t even able to stand, walk or turn over on my mat.  It was pretty bad for a few days and I’m a little hesitant to do anything that might re-aggravate it.  I need to get to the bottom of it ASAP! 

It is this pose, bound angle, that sets off my left hip.  It feels so good stretching it out but immediately when I try to come out of this simple position I’m in a lot of pain.  Any ideas what to do?

On the agenda for today is work, possibly working out, grocery store for some veg and trying to pack a little more.  We leave on Wednesday for Minnesota and I’m already having a hard time thinking about leaving Quincy.  I know he will be in good hands, but I’m going to miss that little bugger so badly!

Please don’t leave me Mom!


I’m hoping to have one of these the next few nights to help desalt from the weekend:


That’s it for me!  See you all later today!

xo, Kjirsten



  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • Do you ever take naps over the weekend, are you a nap person?
  • What was the best thing you ate over the weekend?
  • What are you most looking forward to this week?