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Weekend Recap

17 Oct

Happy Happy Monday!!!

I’m super excited today because the forecast said today was the last day it is going to be in the 80s!  I’m so ready for weather in the 70s and even for the 60s!

I might be eating my words soon, but I’m tired of all the hot weather!  Plus, none of the warm weather clothes fit so I’ve been wearing jeans and sweaters in 85+ degree weather for the past week.

This past weekend was super productive and super fun, despite the Vikings embarrassing performance last night against the Chicago Bears.

We got a lot done and also had plenty of time to relax:

Friday night, we made homemade pizza for dinner.  We always have so much fun creating our own pizza together.  It is one of my favorite things to make.  Keith and I were both in the mood for a really thin, light and airy crust so we decided to use a rectangular pan instead of the circular one we normally use.  We topped the pizza off with some uncured and natural pepperoni, cheese, green bell pepper, yellow onion and mushroom.  It turned out delicious.  Even using a bigger baking pan, our crust was still a little thicker than we wanted so next time we are only going to use half the dough and either make a second pie or freeze the dough for later.  We used this awesome crusty pizza crust recipe that I swear by!

2011-10-14_18.11.01  2011-10-14_19.07.32

My plate.  We ate our pizza with some salad!2011-10-14_19.07.20

Saturday, we got up very early.  Keith got out of bed at 5:15am and I managed to stay put until 5:50am.  We started our day with a workout (50 minutes of cardio) followed by breakfast at home.  Since it was payday, I had to get working on those right away after breakfast.  Then Keith went his separate way to clean the gyms and I headed out on my own errands.  I stopped by Costco, our local organic grocery store, work to drop off the pay checks and then headed home.  Once home I did laundry and cleaned the entire house.  Every. Single. Room.  By the time we were done and showered it was around 1:30pm and we were both starving.  Actually starving is an understatement.  We decided to head out for lunch as we were both craving calamari tacos.  I had to eat half a Lunabar on the way because when I get hungry while I’m pregnant I need food immediately. 

After lunch, we had nothing to do.  This never happens.  We were actually bored and it was only 3pm!  All chores and tasks were done so we headed home, got in our comfys and were couch potatoes the rest of the day.  It felt amazing.  My pregnant feet were so tired from the busy morning it felt so good just to kick my feet up and relax.

Sunday, we decided to make homemade pancakes for breakfast.  After some tweaking of a recipe I found, we were ready to go.  They turned our pretty good, but I still have some tweaking to do before I share the recipe.  I had been craving pancakes for about 2 months now and was so happy to finally be eating some!  🙂

After breakfast, we headed into the gym for a workout (strength- triceps, biceps and back).  When we got home, we had a hyper puppy on our hands so we took him out for a walk.  After our walk, I fit in some prenatal yoga and then got busy with random things while Keith was watching the early football games. 

One random thing from yesterday was that two not just one but two people told me congrats out of the blue on my pregnancy.  I’ve never had this happen yet in pregnancy.  One lady was an old gym member and right when she saw me she said congrats!  I guess I’m really showing now to the point where people aren’t second guessing and they don’t think I just ate too much pasta!  The second congrats happened while I was at Pet Smart picking up Quincy from his bath.  A worker asked when I was due and couldn’t believe how far along I was.  I bragged that I eat lots of salads and workout hard to stay in shape while being pregnant!  I was proud of all my hard work!  🙂

For dinner, we made flank steak fajitas.  They rocked my taste buds!  While I was preparing the veggies, I was starving (what else is new) so I decided to eat the leftover salad from Friday night.  I topped it with the left over pizza cheese and a raspberry dressing.  I took a few bites then got back to cutting up a pepper.  The  next thing I knew, Keith was eating my salad, I figured he’d have a few bites, but nope, he basically ate the whole thing!  I was not a happy starving pregnant woman!

Pre my two bites I had…


What Keith left me after I yelled at him to stop eating my snack…  yes, I did finish up that last bite!2011-10-16_14.20.51

 2011-10-16_16.01.18 2011-10-16_16.07.16

2011-10-16_16.24.53 2011-10-16_16.26.47 My fajita.  I ate two.


So, that was my weekend in a nutshell!  I’m looking forward to this week as Keith turns the big 3-0 on Thursday!  I can’t wait!  I love birthdays!  🙂

I’ll leave you with a freshly cleaned Quincy!  He was exhausted after his bath (his first time ever not at home)



  • Are you a fan of fajitas? 
  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • Anyone’s birthday coming up soon?
  • What is your favorite pizza topping?