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Friday Birthday Recap.

21 Oct

Good afternoon!

This post is getting up much later than I had anticipated as today has turned out to be quite the busy day!

Yesterday, as you all know was Keith’s 30th birthday.  It was a really fin getting to spend most of the day together.  We started out with eating the cake I made for breakfast…A homemade yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting

2011-10-20 07.00.21

I could only eat a few bites, it was that bad.  Although I swear it had potential at one point

2011-10-19 17.18.41 2011-10-19 17.30.44 2011-10-19 17.53.26

Then things started going down hill quickly

2011-10-19 17.58.09 2011-10-19 19.02.36

I ate only half my piece and then felt sick all morning.  I almost had to cancel my first client of the day.  I was feeling that bad.

2011-10-20 07.01.25 2011-10-20 07.09.51

I wont be making any cakes in my near future.  I rather make a boxed cake or even better, just order one from the bakery!

Keith didn’t seem to mind the cake disaster as he was too into his birthday table!2011-10-20 15.00.27

Loved this card my aunt sent him!

2011-10-20 15.01.07

We went to lunch at The Raven Cafe, but of course I forgot to take a pic!  Before heading home, we hit up the local organic grocery store to stock up on birthday dinner items. We came home after that and watched some tube for a bit and took a nap until the dog started barking and woke us up!

Who me?”

2011-10-20 15.01.45

For dinner that evening, the birthday boy requested we grill out burgers.  Like I said, he makes the best!

2011-10-20 19.16.21

I was still pretty full from lunch and someone was more than happy to help my finish my burger and fires!

2011-10-20 07.09.41

On Saturday, we are going to meet up with friends and celebrate Keith’s birthday!  I think we are going out to dinner and then heading back to our place to party!  🙂

I was planning on posting the workout of the week today, but check back tomorrow and I’ll have it up!  I’m off to enjoy the start of my weekend!  I’m thinking about throwing together a batch of banana bread as I have 4 over ripe bananas screaming to use them up!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for a weekend post!

Happy Friday!



  • Are you good at baking cakes?
  • Any secret baking tips you keep up your sleeve?
  • Do you feed your dog people food?  I always said I wasn’t going to but I can’t resist Quincy’s big brown eyes looking for any bite he can get!