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Weekend Recap- Cleaning, Football and Workouts Recap

30 Oct

Hey Everyone!  I hope you are having a great Sunday!

Weekend Recap

This morning, Sunday, we were up early and at the gym by 6:30am today.  I did cardio and split my time between the treadmill and elliptical.  My baby bump seemed to be getting in the way on the elliptical bouncing up and down and walking felt the best to my body today.    Afterwards, we headed to Starbucks before getting back home.  Since we are on west coast time for another week, NFL football comes on at 10am, hence the reason we were up bright and early tackling things on our to-do list.  We had invited some friends over to watch the first football games so we needed to have our acts together and chores done early. 

I didn’t know what to make for our guest to munch on during the games, so I decided to kept appetizers to a minimum since the morning games fell between breakfast and lunch.  We had, a vegetable platter (carrots, cucumbers and celery) with roasted garlic hummus, chips and hot salsa and chicken wrapped bacon appetizers.  I also baked muffins last night but decided last minute not to set them out (not because I wanted them all to myself, but because I didn’t think people would eat them with the other goodies).

We had bloody Mary’s and beer, but I stuck with water and a Zevia soda as a treat!

2011-10-30 09.59.39 2011-10-30 10.01.35 2011-10-30 10.01.46 2011-10-30 10.36.26

Luckily for Keith and I, our Vikings won!  Finally!  This is only the second time all year that they won and it is so fun!

Go Vikes!  The bump keeps getting bigger and bigger!  I’m pretty sure my face can’t get any rounder at this point…

2011-10-30 09.43.18   2011-10-30 09.41.082011-10-30 09.43.00

Tonight I plan on getting to bed as early as I can, after watching the new episode of Dexter of course.  I have been super tired all day and my body is telling me I just need rest.  

Friday night, Keith and I were craving pasta.  We had originally planned on going out to dinner but were both pretty drained from the work week so we stayed in and made spaghetti with lean ground turkey and served it with cheesy garlic bread <—why does bread with butter and cheese have to taste so good?  Keith watched the world series and I updated the blog a little bit.

2011-10-28 17.55.18 2011-10-28 17.55.232011-10-28 18.01.40 2011-10-28 18.05.14

Saturday, we were busy all day long.  We didn’t get a chance to workout, but I did clean the house for three hours.  I don’t know how two people and a dog living in a house can get it so dirty week after week, especially when we feel like we spend most of our days at work.  After I cleaned, we took the dog for a long walk and I squeezed in a great prenatal yoga session.  By the end of the day my feet were swollen and I was exhausted.  We finished up our leftover pasta for lunch and I threw together a quick dinner of quesadillas using leftover vegetables and chicken breast we needed to eat up.  I swear I love our homemade quesadillas better than what we could order at any restaurant.  Keith ate his with salsa and I went with buffalo sauce (so tasty).

Leftovers, I had a huge plate…

2011-10-29 13.21.03

Quesadillas, they were so good, chicken breast, mushrooms, red onion, jalapenos and cheddar cheese.  Topped with buffalo sauce and they were perfection!

2011-10-29 18.00.52 2011-10-29 18.15.14

Posting this picture is making me hungry for the leftovers in the fridge!

2011-10-29 18.35.04 

We’ve also have been making egg, cheese and tomato breakfast sandwiches.  I’ve loving the tomato instead of ham lately!

2011-10-30 08.51.06


Workouts Recap

This week, I managed to get in four workouts.  I still didn’t get my five in that I was intending on, but I’m not concerned about it.  I’m happy with four this week.

Tuesday 10/25- Strength (upper body)

  • Time:  47:15 minutes
  • Calories:  376    40% fat
  • Max Heart Rate:  220bpm  <—clearly this isn’t right
  • Average Heart Rate:  145bpm  76% max

Wednesday 10/26-  Cardio  (split between treadmill and elliptical)

  • Time:  47:54 minutes
  • Calories:  450    35% fat
  • Max Heart Rate:  176bpm 92% max
  • Average Heart Rate:  156bpm  81% max

Thursday 10/27-  Strength (lower body)

  • Time:  48:14 minutes
  • Calories:  346     45% fat
  • Max Heart Rate:  216bpm  <—clearly this isn’t right, once again
  • Average Heart Rate:  137bpm  71% max

Sunday 10/30- Cardio (split between treadmill and elliptical)

  • Time:  49:07 minutes
  • Calories:  396     40% fat
  • Max Heart Rate:  170bpm  89% max
  • Average Heart Rate:  146bpm  76% max

In addition, I got in 3 yoga workouts.  I might try and do one more tonight if I’m feeling up to it and of course walks with the dog.

My yoga partner…we had just got done taking him for a big walk

2011-10-29 16.08.17


We were planning on carving pumpkins yesterday but never got around to it.  I’m not sure if we will get them done today, but we most definitely will get to them tomorrow before the trick-or-treaters stop by!

Speaking of Halloween I think it’s time for me to dig my hands into our candy stash.  I think I can hear an almond joy (aka the best candy bar off all time) calling me name! 

But before I go, I leave you with one more picture of Quincy!  He is so tucked out from playing hard with our guests.  I think he was on his third wind by the time everyone left.  He’ll be out for the night!

Out cold…

2011-10-30 14.52.12

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday evening!  I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning with a Halloween post!  🙂



  • Anyone watch football this weekend?  Did you team win?
  • What was the best thing you eat over the weekend?
  • What is your favorite Halloween candy ever?
  • Did anyone dress up for Halloween this weekend?