Weeknight Recap- Monday

14 Nov

If you remember last Monday, I wrote out all my weekly goals and posted them in my weeknight recap so I would be held accountable.  Lets take a look at them and see how I did, shall we?

Last week’s goal list:

  • 5 gym workouts (3 cardio and 2 strength).  I would love to do this Tuesday-Saturday so we don’t have to have such a rushed Sunday morning, but taking both Sundays and Mondays off back to back isn’t my favorite way to break up the weekly workouts.   Well, I got in 4 workouts not 5.  I did two days of cardio and also got my two days of strength in.  I’m only missing one day of cardio. 
  • 3 yoga sessions.  I would actually like to get in more, but with my schedule and pregnancy tiredness, three is more than enough.  Plus I’m making great progress in some of the harder poses so I know three is enough to stretch out my hips and back.  I did get in my three days of yoga.  Yay!
  • 5 dog walks.  Quincy is such a hyper puppy and should be walked everyday.  Not only does he need it, he also deserve it.  But, some days, life gets in the way and he has to settle for playing with his ball indoors.  So I think five is a reasonable goal for his walks.  I wasn’t able to get in five walks, but I did get in four.  I blame the rainy weather we had all day yesterday so not giving the dog a walk on his first birthday.  I hope this doesn’t make me a bad puppy mom?
  • Clean out and reorganize my bathroom vanity.  <— My nesting urge.  I was able to get this done yesterday and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have it done!  I think I threw away 6-7 bags of trash!  I can finally find things again!
  • Replace all our burnt out light bulbs.  I started this last night by ordering a hard to find expensive light bulb for an art niche we have in our house.  I’ve been to every store that sells light bulbs over the past few months and no one carries that type of light in our town.  Now I only have to replace light in three showers and one light outside.  Not so great.  I only replaced the one that I ordered and came in the mail.  I still have four more to go.  Something about bringing the ladder in the house and putting it in three showers just sounds like a lot of work.  Maybe next week, I can finish this project up.
  • Get someone over to look at our fireplace.  Ever since we’ve moved into our house, the fireplace hasn’t worked.  With the holidays coming and company starting to come at the end of the month, I really want the fireplace to work.  Done.  We had a fireplace fix it guy over during the week who fixed the problem for us!  Our fireplace is now working again!
  • Order nursery furniture.  I can’t wait to order it.  It will be one less thing I need to stress over on a daily basis.  Once it is here, I’ll feel even better!  Check!  We ordered everything last Thursday and I’m feeling so good about our purchases!  It feels like there is a big weight lifted from my shoulders.  Now I just need to be patient while I wait for everything to come!
  • Book Quincy’s appointment to get neutered for as soon as possible.  He turns one on Sunday, so he is past due!  Happy birthday little man!  Done!  As we speak he no longer can make babies.  The little man is recovering at the vet right now.  We pick him up at 5pm and I can’t wait to see how out of it he is!
  • My last goal is to finish up my hypnobirthing book.  I love reading it so I don’t think this one will be a problem.  I am excited to already reread it and start making notes and highlighting key items.  Check!  I finished it up on Saturday.  I really loved this method of birthing and like I mentioned can’t wait to go back and reread it and take lots of notes.

In addition to my to do list above, Keith and I also carpet cleaned all rooms in our home except the baby’s room (there was furniture we needed to move).  We also moved all the furniture out of the baby’s room yesterday and reorganized out workout room and turned it into a workout room / fun room.  We still have to rehang a picture and move a mirror and that room will be finished. 

I’d say I did a pretty good job getting so much accomplished in just one week.  I also believe typing and posting my goals was a huge motivating factor in not slacking on them and putting them off.  I didn’t want to  disappoint! 

Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, we are trying to get as much done before the holidays as we can, so once Thanksgiving comes, we can take things slow an just enjoy the season.  Once January hits, we get slammed at work and I’ll also have only a month of pregnancy left so I don’t think I’ll be in the mood to get a whole lot done other than working and house chores. 

So with that being said, here are my new weekly goals:

  • Finish replacing light bulbs (3 inside and 1 outside).
  • Workout 5 days this week (3 cardio days and 2 strength days)
  • Prenatal yoga 3 times.
  • Walk dog.  I’m not sure if he is allowed to walk after his neutering procedure, but I’ll find out tonight and that will determine how many walk he can get).  <—We talked with the vet and no walks for he puppy for at least a week.
  • Cleanout kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • Cleanout kitchen refrigerator.
  • Make up guest bedroom and get it ready for my Dad.
  • Carpet clean baby’s room
  • Start rereading Hypnobirthing book and taking notes
  • Finish planning Thanksgiving food, find recipes

Nothing too major on my to do list for the week, but there is enough to keep me busy and moving!


Weekly Meal Plan

  • Monday-  Leftover Greek inspired pasta and salad
  • Tuesday-  Turkey burgers and salad
  • Wednesday-  Chicken sausage and mac and cheese
  • Thursday-  Chicken, rice and beans
  • Friday- Out to eat or steak and baked potatoes

I’m try to use up things we have in our fridge and pantry if you can’t tell by the random weekly meal plan.  I just hope we stick with it!



Today is a rest day from the gym.


Eats from the day looked like this:

  • Breakfast-  1 cup of coffee with cream, 1/2 grapefruit and an Ezekiel English muffin with egg and cheese
  • AM Snack-  Banana and Cliff Mojo bar
  • Lunch-  Greek yogurt with almond butter, honey and chia seeds
  • PM Snack-  Whey protein shake and chips with Greek yogurt dip
  • Dinner-  Salad and Greek inspired pasta
  • Late Snack-  Candy cane green tea 

I only ate half my pasta and let Keith finish the rest.  I just wasn’t that hungry tonight after I finished my salad.

2011-11-14 18.31.00


Poor Quincy…he is miserable in his cone

2011-11-14 18.23.292011-11-14 18.46.05



That is it from me tonight.  I feel the need to go snuggle my sedated pup!  I’ll be back in the morning with a post on the pressures of being a pregnant personal trainer.

See you guys in the morning!




  • When you commit to doing something out loud / on paper do you hold yourself more accountable for getting the task done?
  • Do you weekly meal plan?  If so what does your week look like?

3 Responses to “Weeknight Recap- Monday”

  1. purelyemily November 14, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    Sounds like you two had a busy week! I can’t wait to see the finished nursery with furniture!

  2. allieksmith November 15, 2011 at 7:06 am #

    Aww, Quincy looks so adorable in his cone LOL!

  3. Shayla @ The Good Life November 15, 2011 at 10:01 am #

    Awww poor Quincy!! I kinda wing it during the week with our meals – which I’m trying to get better at and plan more since I think we’ll save more money doing it that way. And I definitely am held better accountable to goals when written on paper – especially when I write them out on the blog for everyone to see! 🙂

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