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Weeknight Recap- Tuesday

15 Nov

Can you believe it is already Wednesday tomorrow?  This week seems to be flying by so quickly and I can’t believe Tuesday went by so quickly!

Any who, onto a quick recap of my day.


This morning Keith and I worked out very first thing.  I did 45 minutes of cardio and split the time between the treadmill (walking and incline walking) and also the elliptical.  I was definitely sweaty and tired once I was finished.

I also squeezed in some prenatal yoga before we ate dinner tonight.  It felt so good to stretch out my back.  I hopefully should sleep like a baby tonight now!



Here are my eats from the day (hubs has been craving what we had for dinner for a while now):

  • Breakfast-  1 cup of decaf coffee with just a little creamer (typing that just reminded we ran out this morning and I forgot to pick up more today), 1/2 banana and an English muffin topped with almond butter and raspberry jelly
  • Am Snack-  Banana and about an hour later Cliff Mojo bar
  • Lunch-  Greek yogurt with chia seeds, almond butter and a drip of honey (we ran out of honey as well today, but I did remember to buy more).
  • PM Snack-  Whey protein shake mixed with water and about an hour later a few chips dipped in Greek yogurt chip dip
  • Dinner-  Cheeseburger on a whole wheat bun with tomatoes, red onion and pickles with a salad
  • Late Night Snack-  Sugar cookie tea


2011-11-15 08.00.57


2011-11-15 17.42.07

Today I had a bunch of chores to get done and surprised myself when I crossed every one off my to-do list.  Here is what I did after work:

  • Grocery run
  • Costco
  • PetSmart
  • Get tires check and filled with air
  • Wash sheets
  • Get gas

And now I’m waiting for UPS to show up to deliver our bassinet and I think our stroller is coming today as well.  We are one of the last stops for the driver so we don’t normally get out packages until pretty late.  Both items said out for delivery when I checked on their status so I’m crossing my fingers that they come!  If they do, I’m sure I’ll be making Keith set everything up and if they don’t show  up, I’ll be snuggled into the couch watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from last night!

I’m off to go make myself that cup of tea!  I’ll see you guys in the morning with a pregnancy update!  It will be my first post in the third trimester!  Yes, after tonight I’m officially in the third trimester!  Crazy!  Have a great night!!!

Cute Quincy pic!

2011-11-15 12.03.48

Quincy eating lunch…

2011-11-15 12.05.23



  • Is this week going by slowly or quickly for you?


Pressures of being a Pregnant Personal Trainer

15 Nov

Being a personal trainer, I’m constantly trying to better my body through exercise and nutrition.  I’m not afraid of running high intensity intervals or lifting heavy weights.  I know this will eventually help sculpt my body even more and make me fitter than I was.  I’m always striving for optimal health.  I want to be and feel as healthy as I can imagine and I have no limits to what I can and can’t do.  I like pushing myself to see just how far I can get my body to go.  I’m an athlete.

Becoming pregnant has made me shift my mind set a great deal:

  • I no longer workout at high intensities. 
  • I make sure to take weight training slow and steady. 
  • I’ve also decreased my weights for just about everything I lift. 
  • I no longer try to burn a lot of calories in the gym, but now focus on just moving. 
  • I used to judge my workout by how much I had sweat, now most of my workouts I hardly sweat.
  • I wear a heart rate monitor to make sure my heart rate stays low as opposed to using it to make sure my heart rate stays high
  • I workout to decrease lower back pain
  • I still like working out because it makes me feel good and gives me a little energy boost.


Being a pregnant personal trainer has its ups and its downs.  The good is that I’ve been trained in prenatal exercise and can use my knowledge to have the healthiest pregnancy I can have.  Plus my knowledge of nutrition can help out greatly in making sure I’m getting in enough calories and nutrients on a day to day basis  and giving the baby everything she needs.  The bad you ask?  People are constantly checking out my stomach, asking about my weight gain, trying to see if I’m sticking with my healthy habits and are already talking with me about how I plan to lose the baby weight.  Heck, I haven’t even put thought into how I’m going to lose the baby weight.  I honestly didn’t think it would be that hard and maybe I’m just being naïve. 

When Keith and I first announced my pregnancy, all we heard was congratulations from everyone we would encounter.  Slowly that changed.  Now I feel like all eyes are on me to show people how easy it is to have a healthy pregnancy, not gain a lot of weight and continue to exercise as much as I can.  After all, that is what I typically did pre-pregnancy.  I practiced what I preached and invited everyone along for the ride.  I know I’m a role model for healthy living in all three of our gyms, but when so many people are watching your body change during pregnancy, the pressure to be the perfect pregnant trainer definitely gets to me.

I’m pretty type A so I put a lot of pressure on myself to be as fit during this pregnancy as I can and be a good role model for others (both pregnant and not pregnant). I do get a little guilt when I can only make it to the gym four days a week and not five for my own workouts.  That’s not counting my prenatal yoga workouts or dog walks.  I do find myself feeling guilty when I’ve had chips as a snack when I know the baby needs protein and I should have picked a whey protein drink instead.  I have to realize if I’m tired and my feet are swollen, I can relax on the couch and not worry about whipping up a fabulous dinner for Keith.  He doesn’t care, so why should I?

At this stage in my pregnancy I’ve learned that no matter how healthy I eat, my body will gain whatever it wants to each week for the baby.  I can eat pizza  all day long or carrots all day and if my body wants to gain 3 pounds in one week, it doesn’t matter what I’m eating (of course I still stick with my balanced healthy diet).  My healthy weight gain is pretty much out of my control, to a certain extent.

I’ve learned that people are going to have their opinions and let me know them no matter what.  I’ve actually had very few people ask about my pregnancy outside of work and it has been pretty nice.  Many people think I workout too hard, haven’t gained enough weight and so on and so forth in the other direction as well.  I like to call this the outside pressures I feel.

Reflecting on all the outside pressure of being a pregnant personal trainer has brought up a new question with me: am I the one putting all the pressure on myself?

The answer to that is, yes.  There has been plenty of inside pressure as well.

Since I’ve acknowledged this, I’ve been cutting myself some slack.  I realized, it was me who wanted to be perfect for our gym members and my clients.  I wanted to workout 5 days a week, eat healthy and still have bounds of energy, which would be nice, but it isn’t always practical.  I’ve had to realize it’s okay to let go of the former me a bit and just step back and enjoy this ride of pregnancy.  I’m still an athlete, but just in another way now.  I’m creating the most amazing miracle of all right inside of me! 

And with this, I have peace and have been letting go of all the inside pressure I’ve been placing on myself.  Here’s to enjoying the final third trimester free of any inside pressures I was placing on myself.  I have a feeling this will be the best trimester yet!  I can still be the best me without trying to be perfect 100% of the time, I have to remember no one is perfect


*I just want to say, I’m totally fine with weight gain and a changing body during pregnancy and am so enjoying this journey I’m on.  I wanted get across the point of cutting yourself some slack in new situations you may find yourself in and hope you enjoyed my own experience where I needed to step back, take a deep breath and let go of all expectations.  Remember no on is perfect no matter how hard we try.* 



  • Do you place pressure on yourself to be as perfect as you can be?
  • Are you type A about certain things?
  • Do you ever feel pressure from outside sources to be better that what you already are?