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Weekend Recap with Dad in Town

5 Dec

Last Wednesday evening, my dad arrived in town from Minnesota.  He was only here a few short days, but I wanted to give you guys a weekend picture recap with my dad.  We had to drop him off to catch his flight back home on Saturday morning.

We spent all day Friday in Jerome and Sedona.  Everyone had so much fun despite the chilly weather!

Dad 2

Ghost town JeromeDad 5


I found a candy shop!  : )



I was loving all the holiday decorations!  Clearly, I thought the ceiling was pretty neat!  : )


Chapel of the Holy CrossIMG_0231IMG_0223


From the smile on my dad’s face, I’d say he had a great trip!  I can’t wait for him and my Mom to come out in February to meet their new granddaughter!


The rest of Saturday was basically a work day.  After our workout, I think I spent a total on 4-5 hours on the phone with customer service reps from Eddie Bauer (they charged my card five times and I hadn’t received the sweater we ordered for Keith back in October.  Might I add they were very rude and not helpful at all), then I called Experian (someone stole my card information and was using it to pull their credit, strange), then I had to call my bank to cancel my credit card, then I spend over two hours on the phone with Lexmark trying to figure out why our printer wont print wirelessly anymore.  By the time I was done with all that nonsense, it was almost 5pm and I still hadn’t showered.

Sunday was spent running early morning errands and then watching football and movies all day.  I didn’t really feel that great yesterday.  I was so tired.  I took a nap for about an hour and then felt groggy the rest of the day.

Today, Monday, I tried driving in to work, but my SUV almost took out our brick mailbox.  I told Keith I was not driving to work today.  He tried getting my car straightened out and back in the garage, but it was useless without four wheel drive.  So now it sits on our driveway and I sit stuck at home.  I actually would rather be at work since I have a super busy day ahead of me, not to mention I have a few errands still to run that we didn’t do yesterday.  Snow days are only fun to me when I don’t have much going on and Keith is stuck at home with me too, otherwise I get cabin fever pretty easily.



  • Have you ever been to Jerome or Sedona?
  • Do you try and show your family/guests around when they come to visit?
  • What was your favorite thing from the weekend?
  • Do you hate calling and dealing with customer service reps as much as I do?