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Bed Rest

6 Jan


So today I had my week 35 pregnancy check up.  All was going well until I asked about the position of the baby.  As she felt my stomach, she said she wanted to check to see if I was dilated this week instead of waiting until week 36 to start checking.

To our surprise, she said I was over 2 cm dilated already.  She put me on a strict bed rest and scheduled my next appointment for this upcoming Friday.  I couldn’t believe I was dilated and asked if it was from anything I was or wasn’t doing and she told me no.  The baby will come when she wants to and all I can do now is be put on a strict bed rest to try and get her to stay in until at least next Wednesday, when I start my 36th week. 

Where we live (northern Arizona), they wont deliver babies until they are at least 36 weeks, so to avoid taking a helicopter to Phoenix I’m not even allowed to fold Baby C’s laundry.  She said that would be doing too much.

I still am in shock!  I can’t believe I can no longer, workout, do yoga, walk the dog, run errands, do laundry, clean the house, cook meals not to mention work and train my clients.  By the way if any of my clients are reading this, I’ll call you soon about your upcoming appointments. 

I feel completely unprepared right now for the baby to arrive.  We still have items we need to buy before her arrival, the big one being an extra car seat base and a breast pump and I still need time to mentally prepare myself for labor.

Obviously I’m willing to do anything to keep Cameryn cooking for as long as she can, but I will admit being stuck in bed is going to be hard for me.  I normally have so many things going on every day and am constantly running around.  It is going to be hard not moving since I’m so used to being so active.  But whatever I need to do, I will do.  I would feel so great about getting her to week 37, which is considered full term.

My only other appointment I need to do before complete bed rest starts is going to meet with a pediatrician today to get a feel on if she would be a good fit for Baby C.  I was going to call and cancel but figured I’d be sitting the whole time and wont be moving at all.  Once I’m home, I probably will start reading lots of books and watching too much trashy TV that my mind doesn’t need.

I’m praying and keeping my fingers crossed Baby C stays in her womb at least until this upcoming Wednesday!  No more spicy foods for this girl!


  • Moms- were any of your dilated early and if so how long after being 2+cm did you give birth?
  • Any suggestions for good books or movies while I’m on bed rest?
  • Any tips on what to do to keep the baby in as long as I can?