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Will Baby C Ever Come?

17 Jan

Good morning and happy Tuesday to you! 

Oh and a special shout out to my all time favorite celebrity ever, Betty White!  She turns 90 years old today and she is still going strong!  She rocks!  I recorded her birthday special that was on NBC last night and can’t wait to watch it today once Keith leaves for work.

Over the years, when Keith and I talked about the celebrity we would most want to meet or the one celebrity who would leave us speechless, I always picked Betty White.  It’ will probably come as no surprise that I’ve watched my complete DVD collection of the Golden Girls (owned since 2003) too many times to count and on any given day you can find me watching reruns on the Hallmark channel.  Weird obsession I know, but I swear the Golden Girls is the best television show ever created, I laugh constantly!

So with that being said, I got really excited about the fact Baby Cameryn could be born on Betty’s birthday!  When I told Keith, he didn’t respond to me and just walked out of the room.  I have a sneaking suspicion he doesn’t care if the baby is born on Betty’s birthday or not!

Not only would today be the perfect day to have her because of Betty White, but also because my doctor is on duty delivering babies until 7am tomorrow morning, I too was born on a Tuesday and there are 22 more days until her official due date (my lucky and most favorite number is 22).  So, they way I see it, all signs point to Baby C’s arrival today!

*I must note, I would love Baby C to cook longer but if my doctor is right and there is a good chance she will be here before Friday, I think today is a lovely day!*

Ever since my appointment last Friday, I’ve been on baby watch.  I think I started having a few contractions last night while I was falling asleep but when I woke up this morning, they had all gone away.  My stomach would get pretty tight with an almost crampy sensation that wouldn’t last long before it was over.  This happened multiple times and eventually I got tired of waiting for them to come so I just fell asleep.  I really wanted to wake up in full blown labor!

I’m finding myself super antsy lately and the unknowingness of labor is driving me nuts!  It is so hard to think the baby could be here today or I could still have another 3-4 weeks to go!  I’m excited for my appointment on Friday to see what changes my body has made in the past week if Cameryn isn’t here by then.  I’m such a planner so waiting around doesn’t come easy to me.  It also doesn’t help when the doctor basically convinces you your baby is about to be born!


I must admit, against my doctor’s suggest I did a little working out yesterday (if you can even call what I did working out).  My body was feeling so tight and like it really just needed to move.  I took the dog on a very short and slow walk around the block around noon, followed by an easy 8 1/2 minutes (2 songs on Pandora, I didn’t want to over do it) on the elliptical at our house.  Moving felt amazing!  I can’t wait to be able to workout again soon!  Maybe by Friday’s appointment the doctor will let me work out again since I am full term tomorrow.  When Keith got home, we decided to take the dog out for another slow paced walked.  It felt great  (besides being cold) and I think my leg muscles and hips were thanking me.  I also credit the little bit of moving I did yesterday to sleeping so well last night.  I only woke up once at 2am and that is pretty unheard of for me since I am usually up 5-6 times running to the bathroom.


Onto other things, eats have been healthy.  Lots of chicken breast and salads for dinner, breakfast sandwiches made on Ezekiel English muffins for breakfast, apples and bars as snacks and Greek yogurt mixture for lunch.  I have been having my fair share of chocolate too.  Something about being home with a bag of chocolate just tempts me.  I’m all for it though since I’m keeping all my other eats healthy and protein packed.

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That’s it from me!  My life is so boring right now, I don’t have too much to post on.  I’ll try and get that workout of the week posted later today or Thursday for you all!

Make it a great Tuesday!!!